Itinerary and Schedule

Originally Posted: Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wow! We finally came up with a first draft of our 50 week trip with dates & countries, and even a hokey bit of a budget… Wow! It’s a wee bit more than I had thought, but what the heck! It’ll still be the trip of a lifetime and after we get back we should still only be about ten to fifteen thousand in debt, (after Claudette’s deferred salary, ING savings and cashing in some of Rick’s RRSP’s). We might change Africa a bit if we can find some politically stable countries to actually visit.

Revision ONE of the list has two sheets (tabs). The first is the original list of countries that all four family members initially wrote down about a year ago. The second is a roughly week by week itinerary of countries, accomodation budget, food budget and any special side trips (and their associated expenses).

Only 14 months away now! I can’t wait!!!

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