The Journey’s about to begin!

And we all can’t wait! A couple entries of our previous BLOG I had set up were reanrranged when I transfered over to wordpress. At least we weren’t part way into the trip when it happened.

We don’t have renters for the house yet, but there are a couple of good prospects. We do however have our plane tickets for the first half (time wise) in hand though, and all of our passports! We have the Spanish school in Costa Rica booked and are pretty excited about the beach school being our first stop. Rick is going to take scuba lessons in Edmonton first and Claudette, Alex & Luke will be taking snorkeling lessons as well.

Claudette & I have decided to not bother with taking a laptop computer. instead we’ll buy a PDA with a fold out full-sized keyboard. This will easily suffice for blog entries and our individual daily logs. Every week or two when we get handy to an internet computer we’ll publish the blog entries and backup picture and journal files.


Several friends and family members have made plans to meet up at various spots along our rough route as well. There’s always room for more though! The latest addition to this list is Rick’s Dad & his wife Dianne who have secured a friends villa in Greece for us to share for a couple weeks in the Spring of 2008.

So plans and bookings are progressing well. Our itinerary is at the list page, (link available from the main website). Any suggestions or comments anyone has for spots to see or places to stay along our route are welcomed by way of the comments section or by email.

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