Tours & Bookings

We are starting with two weeks of Spanish lessons for the entire family in Costa Rica at:

Then we have a Gap Adventures family tour booked for Peru & Ecuador (the Galapagos Islands):

For Australia we Have a camper van booked for six weeks starting in Sydney and finishing in Brisbane. We have no idea of a route and are still toying with the possibility of a super long (and straight & boring) drive to iconic Ayers Rock. Any suggestions or comments of worthwhile sights in Australia are heartily welcomed. Please send any comments to: travel (at) The Toyota van we are renting is from: Voyager

After that we have no major tours or “equipment” bookings. We’d like to have one through Egypt & Jordan but no tour companies that we have found on the net are interested in taking bookings from families this far in advance for the time frame we will be there. Other than that we’ll probably rent a small car from Rome through Europe until Paris. We’re still looking into the possibility of some helpX or woofing farm stays depending upon how our money is holding out by the time we get to Europe. After the grand old Chunnel ride we’ll rent another small car in the UK to tour around there until we hit Dublin and then fly back to Halifax in Canada.

There are an abundance of travel reference websites (commercial & private) which Claudette & I have devoured. The most recent one I stumbled upon is from a family that most closely seems to resemble ours & our situation & goals than most others that we have encountered. They traveled for ten months back in 2001 & 2002. The main difference is that they schooled their three kids for the duration and with their comments it strongly solidified our feelings of not wanting to bother with “official” curriculum while we’re traveling. Too funny that the wife/mother’s maiden name is also James…

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  1. Hello James Gang. Sounds like a wonderful trip and we look forward to living your family’s rtw experience vicariously.

    The one thing our kids stated very clearly before we left was that they wanted to complete their school year while we travelled. They did not want to have all their friends end up being a year ahead of them.

    It turns out that in Ontario (where we lived at the time of the trip), kids do not need credits from grade 8 or earlier in order to graduate from High School. As the older one missed grade 8, then there was no problem with ‘needing’ to pass any courses.

    We were not concerned with geography, history, english or french. The kids learned far more travelling than they would have if they stayed behind. I was only concerned with science and math – so we focussed on those courses with my older child only. In fact, there were a lot of practical math/ science exercises that we did while travelling. For example in New Zealand we went bungie jumping and ended up doing a science project on acceleration, speed, and distance by measuring how far my son fell in each frame of the video we took. Believe me when I say he now firmly graps how speed/ acceleration and distance are all related because he remembers how he felt when he jumped.

    The younger two (then 8 and 10/11) basically wrote a journal and read lots – there was no schooling at all.

    The younger two caught up within a few months of returning. The older one was never behind – in fact math and science became his best subjects (for a while!).

    I guess what I am saying is that it may be possible to leave school for a year without missing the year and without doing anything too formal during your trip. Check to see what requirements there are in NWT, as well as what facilities are available for home schooling and courses by internet.

  2. Rick says:

    Thanks. You have given us some pretty good ideas there. We’ll certainly look into the possibilities within our local education system up North. Journal writing is something we’ll all be doing anyways. We’ll try and build on the quality of our first foray in daily personal logs though. That one can be found as the top of the page link at: