The day before we leave…

Claudette and I are both screwing around on the computer a bit!!!  Tonnes of “higher priority” stuff to do and yet here we are, weak willed and messing around & procrastinating.

We had a neighborhood block party on Saturday and all had a fantastic time! We closed down either end of our short road and set up the lawn chairs, a massive sound system, a water slide and an extensive buffet table.  Ann & Nat organized everything, and the whole neighborhood as well as many other friends from town (plus Hay Rivierra!) joined in for a great socially relaxing time. Troy kept (somehow???) getting wet and went through several clothes changes, while the rest of the kids ran rampant around the houses playing all sorts of games. It was initially organized as a send off party for us, but turned into an awesome gathering for all to socialize and have fun at! I’ll upload some pictures shortly to the gallery.

We met with our tenants last night and went through all the things about the house (and neighborhood) that they need to know. That stuff is all set! Now we just need to finish a bit of packing and cleaning…   We head off to High Level tomorrow (Tuesday) just before noon to spend the night there. We plan on meeting up with the Gauthier’s for the night and visiting a bit before they come home the next day and we head on to Edmonton. From there we have a week for errands and a bit of family visiting and goodbyes before flying South to Costa Rica on August 9th. Whew!!!

4 Responses to “The day before we leave…”

  1. keizerklan says:

    DON’T FORGET TO GIVE ME THE MAIL KEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And ..what about the phone?? Help!!
    Bills? ….

    Signed your administration staff.

    Ann the Good 🙂

  2. juliannefuller says:

    Happy Travels! Salut!
    pura vida
    na zdavi

  3. Kalsy says:

    May The Force Be With You!!! Wishing all four (4) of you all the best in the next year!!! We have friends in Australia and Africa if you want their info. let me know.

  4. MathMan says:

    Hey James Clan:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Beijing at Christmas. In the meantime, happy trails and enjoy Costa Rica next week. ¡Estaremos esperándoles para hablar español con ustedes!

    很快再見 (see you soon)

    Jim & Lety