Work’s done, we’re leaving town!

Well, I’m done work!!! It’s really hard to believe, a whole year off and no newborn to take care off.

One more day, we leave tomorrow. The house is not as clean as I would have liked to leave it for our renters, but the girl’s have been fantastic in that they said if we didn’t get to it, it would be fine. Whew! One less worry.

Now I have to figure out what we need to pack, and what can and can not fit into our suitcase/backpack for a full year? However, I did read a piece of advice the other day which should prove helpful. It stated that “Some people stay in the same place and change clothing everyday, while others bring less clothing and change places ever couple of days”. I believe the latter will be the model that we will be following.

Anyway I’m now procrastinating so I better get to the packing, but I will post a list once I figure it all out! Claudette

2 Responses to “Work’s done, we’re leaving town!”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Well, here you are … less than 24 hours and all five of you will be off to Edmonton (I included Pete because he is also on an 11 month journey as well!).

    I am glad we had a great weekend together to celebrate, laugh and share a story or two before you guys hit the trail. Before you go … DON’T FORGET TO GIVE ME YOUR MAIL KEY!!! (otherwise …. that little mail box will self destruct in a week or two with TOO much mail.

    I miss you already! HUGS

    Ann 🙂

  2. keizerklan says:

    Here is a little something to practice your Spanish lessons:

    Espero que todos goce a sí mismo en su viaje. ¡Las lecciones lingüísticas felices y goza la familia que usted permanece con!

    (scroll down if you can’t figure it out) ………

    We hope you are having FUN !!!!!!!!!

    Ann 🙂

    Translation: I hope everyone is enjoying themselves on their trip. Happy linguistic lessons and enjoy the family you are staying with!