On Our Way!

Wow! We’ve finally left town and what a wickedly busy week in Edmonton it was… Unfortunately we missed getting a chance to visit a lot of people that we wanted to, but time was pretty limited. Most of our plane bookings throughout the entire trip are red eye flights to save a bit of extra money. When we land in San Jose, Costa Rica on Friday the 10th, (at about 9:00 AM) we have a couple hours to make our way to the public bus terminal and then we have a 3.5hour milk run ride down to Quepos where we’re staying with a local family. It looks like they have a great place, and we’re really looking forward to our stay there. We’ve been told by many others that have visited Mexico, central America & South America that it is very common to have strong iron fences around the home property and that most kids stay at home until they get married. The information that COSI school sent us is:

Monther: Maricela Umaña Quirós, November 19, 1960, Housewife
Daughter, Annia Carranza Umaña, April 14, 1981, Receptionist
Son, Randall Carraza Umaña, April 25, 1982, Receptionist
Son, Luis Gabriel Umaña, January 24, 1989, Maintenance
Maricela used to work in hotels as a cook and miscellaneous during much time; currently she is not working out of the house.
Her children also work in hotel services and they enjoy a lot sharing with foreigners. Although they can speak English, they speak Spanish with the students since they understand that their objective is to learn as much Spanish as possible.

Maricela House


3 Responses to “On Our Way!”

  1. Tim says:

    The place looks very nice, guys, but look at those bars! Looks like they’re going to keep you there until you speak Spanish fluently.

    I hope the first leg of your journey went well. We miss you guys already. Take care, and have a great time. Hasta la vista!

  2. Tim says:

    By the way, these pics are screwing up the way your blog is displayed. Just a little heads-up…

  3. Rick says:

    Hola! Whine, whine whine… all we ever hear.

    The pics are a large resolution, but do not “mess” things up at all. It’s your computer that is disruptive to the collective process.