First Arrival!

We landed in San Jose’ about 9 AM Friday, and after an almost four hour (harrowing yet beautiful and exciting) bus ride to Quepos, we arrived in mid thunderstorm to be met by our host family. The area is beautiful and we visited with the family and some other guests from Alaska that left early this morning. We have Saturday and Sunday to relax and wander around town (which is slightly smaller than Fort Smith) before we start classes (early! at half past seven) on Monday morning. We’re told it rains most every afternoon for a couple of hours, but it is glorious and sunny (and HOT!) this morning. We are in the same time zone as Edm. and the NWT but the wireless internet is too slow to use the WIFI VOIP phone. We’ll check-in again later tomorrow or so!

2 Responses to “First Arrival!”

  1. artiss says:

    Awesome that you are having fun! Where are the pics tho??

  2. Rick says:

    OK, I finally got some Costa Rica pics up. Keep in mind (everyone, not just Jeff) that we can only get access to pics every week or two once we finalize a DVD. The small “still” digital camera is too much of a hassel to carry around as well as the small video camera.