WOW! What a time…

We all wrote longer blog posts but the card reader is disabled from the public computers we are currently using. We´re all having a great time, and spent today at the beach until a thunderstorm hit. Still we walked partway home in the rain cause it was such a relief from the heat. I´ll try and upload our longer posts (and hopefully some more pictures!) tomorrow from the COSI school intenet connection.   Bye All!



5 Responses to “WOW! What a time…”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Hi Guys!
    Wow, it sounds exciting so far and also warm where you guys are! Enjoy it while you can! (It was cool and rainy here today off and on. We had Tim, Jo and kids and Helena and Mike over for supper. It was a bit of mini celebration for Ian’s birthday. (of course your names came up .. because you are the obvious people missing at this gathering!)
    Enjoy your Spanish lessons and family / pets while you are there! It was great to get a note back from Alex. Take care and hugs from all of us Keizer Klan!

  2. Tim says:

    Holy heck! Its impossible to beat Ann to the comments! Anyway, yes we had a great time tonight, but you guys were missed.

    Good luck with your Spanish lessons. I am sure Rick’s Julio Iglesias imitation will serve him well!

  3. MathMan says:

    Quien es mas macho… Desi Arnez, o Ricardo Montalban…? Here’s hoping you’ll be able to answer these and other pertinent questions of life once your Spanish lessons are finished!

    Hope you’re having fun.


  4. bev.den says:

    I will be playing with Pete tonight, I hear he is sneaking under grandma’s covers at night.
    I know you guys are having a great time.

  5. Rick says:

    F-Smithians: Glad ya had a good time. Did you order more “Decadence” wine yet to guzzle around SmithÇ? I can´t WAIT to try some again…. Nummy!


    Everyone else, check out and buy some!


    Jim: I can´t wait until after Christmas when I can thoroughly embarass myself speaking Espano´l to yer wife! The kids will do well, but Stuney & I will probably forget Mucho!


    Bev: Are you sure that that´s the only male sneaking under her covers when we´re not around??? Take her to the strippers perhaps and get her drunk! Oh, and by the way; all of the quality marryable mine & rig workers frequesnt the Yellowhead hotel, just down the stree. Good luck girls!