Catching up…

The going away party at the end of July in Fort Smith was really fun. I was only going to spend a little bit of time on the water slide but I ended up spending the whole night on it. I said my goodbyes to all our friends and some unexpected people came for a surprise visit and to say goodbye.

I spent the next two days afer the party emptying my room and cleaning it up.
I saw someone I’m reqally gonna miss( Gracie G) on Tuesday!!! She was saying”I don’t want you to go” practically the entire time I saw her. I’m gonna miss her. I made a friend in the pool at the hotel. Her name is Elizabeth, and she was really nice! I had a really good dessert at boston pizza, it’s called vanilla bean cheesecake. I recommend it!!!!

I had a wonderful time in Edmnoton. I got evertything done. Except for when my parents were spoiling themselves like crazy because it was their aniversery, everything was good.

The way here was wonderful. I found a new song that I love!!! I’ll have to buy it when we come back. It is by an artist called Mica. For the last leg of the trip we travelled by bus. I loved it. At one point we were up in the clouds. My least favorite flight was the last one, It was the longest (even though I was only awake for about half an hour).

I love Costa Rica!!! We are staying with a family and learning spanish. There was a brother and a sister staying here before and they said this was the best house and I beleive them!!! For breakfast they normally have beans and rice and some fruitĀ  (I didn’t go traditional and I had cereal and fruit, but tommorrow I will go traditional). The fruit is way good!! Probably because it is grown here. My bedroom is way cool!!! It has a window which opens up to the tiny back yard, and I can step throu the window! All the backyard is, is a clothsline and nature and you can’t see the neighbor! The house we are staying in is little, but yesterday it held 9 people!!! Now it is only holding 7 people. There are gechos everywhere!!!!!!!!!! The windows have to be left open( so air can get get in and we don’t sweat to death) so anything can crawl in and everything DOES come in!!! Thats all I’m gonna say for now…


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