Lot’s of new adventures


Today (Sunday) was lots of fun!! We went to the beach, got caught in some rain (it was a real relief from the heat!!!) and decided to walk for about 800 m to the next bus stop to avoid the crowd and get a seat on the bus. Minnyana (tommorrow in spanish) we have to get up early to go to spanish school (see I’ve been praticing!!)


2 Responses to “Lot’s of new adventures”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Hey … how come you never mentioned the Earthquake?!! I read about that one on Claudette’s blog!!

    Keep going on the pics … they look great! Nice waves! Is the water as warm as it looks? What is one of your highlights so far?

    Like we mentioned earlier at the Street Party .. living vicariously through the James’s eyes.

    Take care!

    Ann 🙂
    ps: read your email on bills and other schtuff !!!

  2. Rick says:

    I mentioned it in my long entry, a couple of posts back… “25 hours, three…”


     And, Yes, the water is AMAZING!