Our First Day and Earthquake?

Written: Saturday, August 11, 2007

We have been in Quepos for just over 24 hours. We arrived yesterday afternoon during a severe thunderstorm with torrential rain. We now have to start our lists. First on the list will be “Survived an Earthquake”. It was tonite at 7:45 PM. I was laying on the bed in our room reading when the bed began to move from side to side so very slightly. At first I thought maybe a big truck was driving by but the more I thought of it I realized that that was impossible and slowly I realized that it was an actual earthquake. I stepped through the open window into the courtyard as everyone else in the hose was also exitting into the courtyard. Luke and Alex said they didn’t really feel it as they were playing with the dogs. Annia (the 26 year old daughter) figured that it was probably about a 4 on the Richter Scale. Oh, well! I’m sure it’s just the first of many first for the year. However I must say that our host family is great, and Maricela is a fantastic cook even Luke is liking the food. Yesterday was fish and today was chicken, spectacular! Tomorrow we are off to the beach at Manuel Antonio.

2 Responses to “Our First Day and Earthquake?”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Earthquakes!!! OMG … Did you read up on this? You just may experience this again! As long as you weren’t too spooked.
    The pics are great and the beach looks fun! (Catchin’ a wave) Glad to hear Luke is liking the food. Tell him Ann says “Good for You Luke to try NEW things!”

    Take care my travelin’ friends.

    Ann 🙂