Yuor Title Here

Today is going to be lots of fun becaus we are going to a beautiful secret hidden beach where the waves aren’t too high. We are gonnna get a boogie board and a beach ball( yay!!!)

 There was another earthquake yesterday. It was smaller then the other one,but you could still feel it.

 I got my nails done!!! Annia did them and they are beautiful!!! My finger nails are ceramic but my toenails are done by hand and they are beautiful!!! they are pink with little red flowers. My thumbnail came off though cuz it was so cracked!

 Yesterday when we were swimming I was stung by a jelly fish called “medusa”. It stung, hurt, itched and burned at the same time. At first it looked like big cuts, then it disapeared, then it bubbled up as white bubbles and now it looks liike cuts again. Do not get stung by a medusa, it hurts a lot!!!!!!

9 Responses to “Yuor Title Here”

  1. Rick says:

    I edited most of your spelling errors Alex, but left the one in the title…

    Love Dad

  2. grandmavi says:

    I’m glad you’re having so much fun.
    They pictures are fantastic.
    Pete is doing just fine.
    He really enjoyed having Bev here’cause she knows just how to play with him – she did try teaching me but it’s just not the same to Pete. He loves his NEW bed. I’ll send a picture to your dad’s e-mail.
    Miss you all.
    Love from Grandma Vi

  3. keizerklan says:

    Watch out for those jelly fish! I hear they can cause nasty sores that take a while to heal.
    Have fun at the beach and .. if I read this right .. RICK did not get his nails done, but ALEX. *L*


  4. AJ says:

    I never finished this one!!!!!!!!! it´s not fair!!!!!

  5. Rick says:

    Oooops! Yes Ann, I fixed that. Thanks!

    It´s a shame that the author doesn´t show up on the individual blog post, but only from the main page…

  6. AJ says:

    that would be cool!!!!!

  7. bev.den says:

    I looked at the pictures, guess you are not afraide of heights! Wow!

  8. NakytaC. says:

    wow looks like fun alex…man i wish i could be with you guys…all ive done so far this summer was counsel at a Bible camp and go to a youth thing in Edmonton, then help run VBS thats it…oh yeah and go to Cold lake and Nanimo&Cambell River…And Red willow falls (which is fun to jump off of lOL) LOL well talk to you l8r,

    Nakyta (aka Cuz Niky)

  9. Luke says:

    sounds like yuor having fun wish i was there from luke