Uno Week Finito: some comprehension, tiny sentence structure capabilities

The Phone is back! After a few days of drying out the phone was working again last night when I tried it. We made a few quick calls, but have run out of battery power. I´ll charge it up again and try calling on Sunday. Yipee!!!

Well it was a long but VERY enjoyable week of school. Claudette is REALLY sailing past me now in sentence composition and we are not even close on word comprehension. (How come she don’t have so good a memory in marriage I wonder???) I barely have any edge on the pronuncuiation over her anymore, (she really shaped up in the last couple days) so it’s really a good thing that this is not a competition!!!

We went to the main beach (just outside the park) again Friday afternoon, after school. I had forgotten my suit though and just rented a chair to relax for a couple of hours while the other three frollicked. I did get some excellent pictures and a bunch of video footage though. The rains came midway through the afternoon, but we stayed there. As the tide came in I had to move my chair and umbrella up a ways, and Luke & Alex built three different sand castles. Each one was further up the beach, aways from the encroaching waves. The third one was barely a small pile of sand, while they spent most of the time building a reakwall out of sand and sticks. They even dragged a huge tree stump from over 100m away, (through the surf) to add to the protective fortifications. Claudette had to help them drag it from the surf in front of the castle to it’s final resting spot. I suggested Alex dig it in, rather than just setting it there and she did. Barely a half hour later the maximum high tide waves were lapping at the wood.

After the beach I went back to the book exchange store to find Luke’s shirt and sure enough it was there. The english girl had set it aside for us. I’d really like to find a world map somewhere in town to give to Maricella for her house, but haven’t found one yet. Perhaps I’ll have to order one on the net and have it sent.

Oh, and H*A*P*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y Auntie FLORENCE!!!!!!!!

One Response to “Uno Week Finito: some comprehension, tiny sentence structure capabilities”

  1. Tim says:

    Sorry I missed your phone call, Rick. We also got acryptic fragment of a message at home that we think was from Luke. Hope the volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes aren’t getting you guys down. I bet one of the first phrases you learn in Spanish is “Run for your lives!”

    I heard about the treetop skimming. Sounds fantastic.

    Ian had a sleepover for his birthday last night. The boys raged until midnigth and then I shut them down. Then the buggers were up at 5:30 and wanted to go on the on the trampoline! I yelled at them all to go to bed but it was no use. They were up so we got up. Groan.

    Hope all is going well with you guys. Please try to call again. Take care!