Prices and a tourista weekend!

After supper, (after the beach, after school) yesterday we relaxed, and went to bed early (about 9:00 or so). I don’t think the family we’re staying with is used to their guests sticking around home so much. They’re probably more used to kids (16-30) who go nightclubbing most nights.

Today (Saturday) we rose early again to go on a booked river rafting trip. It was fantastic, but shorter than we had thought. The pics the guide in a kayak got of us were awesome! and I’m going to pick themup tonight to hopefully get on the web in the next day or two. It was just our family with one main guide (who lived in B.C. for awhile and spoke English very well) plus a guid in training. Luke was enormously scared at first and we had to force (read: threaten) him to go. He was laughing tonnes and had an absolute blast! The guide-in-training got tossed out once and we almost lost Alex. Luckily she had her feet wedged in propperly and I pulled her in after composing myself from laughing so much. Her eyes were GYNORMOUS!!!!

For the afternoon Claudette and the kids went back to the beach without any valuables to worry about. I came back to the house to get the phone and head to the COSI school to make some calls again. My arms have a bit of heat / salt water rash anyways, which I want to heal up a bit before I head back into the waves. I was told that the school wasn’t opened on the weekend at all though and walked down into town to use the internet there instead. There is no wireless internet in the town fast enough to use the phone though, so we’ll have to wait until Tuesday after lunch to make some more “hello” calls. I also want to start doing some backups of camera DVD’s onto the mini portable hard drive.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are going to Casandra’s house for her third birthday celebration. She already had the party at Grandma’s house (where we are staying) on Wednesday, but we’re gonna all go to her house and her Dad’s suspension bridge canopy tour. The drive will take about 40minutes we’re told,and since there’s 12 of us, (toomany for a taxi) we’re going to rent a mini-bus for 20,000 Colones ($40 US) each way.

One of my uncles quereied about actual prices so he could compare to home, Mexico ect. Muchos bueno idea! I’ll put them in the full message below, so you’ll have to click on just this post to read more…


Prices on the beach are pretty out there…

A chaise lounge chair is $2 but if it’s not busy we can get one for $1. They try and charge $5 for two chairs and an umbrella. A two hour surf lesson is $70, but we didn’t even bother to check into parasailing or anything like that… Most restraunts adjacent to the beach are expensivo but we found two that we go to with reasonable prices. A US$ is roughly 500 colones. A corona is 1000 colones at the bar, 1500 from awaiter and 2000 delivered to the beach. A “Rock Ice” (1 of 2 beers from Costa Rica) is roughly 500 to 600 colones less..

A meal for four (at the reasonable restraunt we go to along the beach) with one smoothie drink or a pop each is $25. Further up the one main long road (close to the school) we have found two great places to eat. One is all outdoors but covered and a full lunch for four with 2 beers is well under $20, (but over $15) while the other has amazing pastas, but no alchohol (but DOES have air conditioning!) and is also easily under $20. Our first day in town we had lunch at Cafe Milagro in Quepos (there is also one in Manuel Antonio) and it was 31,000 colones! (icluding an 18% tip cause I was still new). It was great foor and service, but not no fifty bucks!

A public bus ride anywhere along the Quepos toManuel Antonio stretch is 105 colones (20 cents?) and a taxi ride for about 6-10 city block is about 800 colones. A taxi from town to the school (half way along the Manuel antonio stretch) for less than ten minutes of 30-50 KPH up and down hill driving was 4000 colones. It could probably be less but the driver could see that we just missed our bus and were in a rush to get to school on time. 🙂 A cab ride all the way to the main beach would be about 6000 colones.

Looking around at prices of other goods, (shovels, rawhide dog bones, furnature) in general seem to be quite comparable or even a little less than Edmonton. The exception is electronics which are about 30% higher I would say. This includes computers, stereos, TV’s ect. Food is about 10% to 30% cheaper than Edmonton, and tropical fruit even way less of course.

I’ll add more prices in contined posts. Audios!

3 Responses to “Prices and a tourista weekend!”

  1. The Perps says:

    It’s too bad we decided to move south and didn’t have a chance to see you in Edmonton before you left on your adventure….and before I knew it you were gone and didn’t even get a chance to chat. Your trip sounds wonderful so far and its only been a couple of weeks. It’s sounds like Alex faired well with the jellyfish bite and if Luke or myself (if I was in his position) would probably have competed for the best cry or whine. I just read all of your blogs and find it amazing that you have time to write so much. It looks like I can’t change my login name (Shannon stated it makes us sound like perverts….oh well). Gotta get back to our excitiement of getting Eli to poop ont the potty.

  2. Tim says:

    Wow. I really thought it would be way, way cheaper for most things – espcially food. Consumer electronics I can understand being more expensive, but even the local beer is a bit costly.

    Sounds like you guys are getting lot of beach time.

    I take it the river rafting trip included some rapids. Anything like the ones we have here at home? Glad to hear you had a good time, and that none of you were swallowed by the river!

    Espero que usted tenga un gran rato en el Coste Rica. ¡Trabajo difícilmente en su español!

  3. keizerklan says:

    Hi Guys
    I hear Costa Rica was watching for that hurricane! Good to hear it has been down-graded. For your first stop on the world travels, I think you are experiencing so much!
    Hey… btw, I am unable to see any pictures (messages indicates it is trying to load images). I will try another day.
    Thanks for sharing the prices. For some reason, I thought things would be cheaper!!!
    Today is POURING RAIN here. (Lots of cool rain) So, enjoy your nice warm weather.

    Ann 🙂