The rest of the long weekend.

Sunday morning we left fairly early (9:30) after I ran out and picked up the rafting pics CD and got some drinks for the picnic. The drive out to RAINMAKER CANOPY TOURS was about 35-40 minutes, and quite bumpy for the last 15 minutes. The ride up the valley towards the rainforest and “mountain” was spectacular though. On sundays they are usually closed, but since Maricella´s daughter is living with the owner, we were tagging along on a private family tour and picnic.

The suspension bridges were amazing and the views absolutely breathtaking! Luke was a little cautious, but we went along the trails & paths as Mick (the owner with his greater family) guided us along pointing out animals and all kinds of interesting facts. The pics I took don´t really do it justice, but they are on the pic page now.

On the day before, (Saturday August 18, 2007) we went rafting. While I commented bbefore on what a blast we all had, I hadn´t seen the pictures yet. I´m uploading some now, and the photographer got some spectacular shots of our raft. We did all survive another day though.

A few more prices for those interested: (keep in mind that 50,000 Colones cost us $105 CAN to buy, while for US$40 we got about 21,350 Colones)


At the pump: deisel; 427 Colones per liter gas; 588 Colones per liter super gas; 624 Colones per liter

A basic small can sized air paint sprayer: 11,030 sale for 9,175

A 2 ton come-a-long 9,590 sale for 8,110

A Loadmaster 2.5 ton palet jack 143,890 sale for 128,895

A 13 cu ft fridge (freezer on top) 197,795

1000W 1 cu ft microwave 67,745

cheaper looking hair dryer, 8,635 but it can be finaced for payments of 220 colones (about $0.44 CAN )

rubbermaid 5.7L garbage pail 1,995

single line bathroom faucette (since no one here has hot water tanks, only an electrical heater built in to the showerhead) 4,995 ($10.00 CA)

a 6L two piece basic looking toilette 19,995

A 75W & a 100W lightbulb, 350 Colones each

As you can see, the prices seem VERY comparable to what I think Edmonton has. I´m looking for a grocery flyer and will update some more prices in this spot when I get one!

I plan on making a google spreadsheet with prices of various items and comparable items in most of the countries we pass through, and making it shared publicly on the web, with a link on our blog for all to click on.

5 Responses to “The rest of the long weekend.”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Glad to hear from you guys! I re-checked your picture site and it is still out of order (Loading language …) ..what ever that means!?
    I will check again tomorrow and send an email.
    Glad to hear the beaches are great, and you are enjoying all your adventures. I find myself checking the Jamesworld site before I check my emails … so I can get caught up on everything !! (it is addicting now!) *L*
    Take care, have fun and tell the WHOLE James family we are thinking of each and every one of you !

    Ann (The Good) *come on … you have to admit it now!!

  2. Tim says:

    Hey, I’m getting exactly the same message as Ann over at your photo site. Uno problemo, senor?

  3. keizerklan says:

    Well … at 11:00 pm the PICTURE SLIDE SHOW WORKS! Wow, what an amazing amazon forest you traveled through. The river rafting looked a bit FIERCE and I am amazed they took young children on that ride! For many pictures, you couldn’t even see the raft you were on!! Luke’s face says it all in some of them!! Glad to hear no one was tossed out!!
    The little gecko on Luke’s hand is nice and brilliant green. Take a close up picture of one for us non locals!!

    Take care,


  4. Rick says:

    I spoke with the web host, and they say that they have a known issue with the photo gallery application and that it is currently being worked on. Hopefully they will have it back up again in the next day or two…

    Yeah, we were completely submerged a number of times. Thank gawd for air!!!

  5. bev.den says:

    Thank you for the phone call! The pictures were not coming up this afternoon, but I will keep trying.
    I just read Ann’s comment, whats with the gecko on Lukes hand?!?
    The weather here is cold and raining, wish I was there.
    Take care of those children!