An outrageous price! (I think?)

I saw today in the Pharmacy next door something that made me do a double take. They had, behind the counter, a bunch of boxes of

I forgot the card with a long post written out. I guess I will hafta upload it from the hotel later. Now it’s later and the hotel is locked down so that the USB ports don’t work. Guess I’ll hafta wait and find an internet cafe’ tomorrow (Sunday) sometime…


The things I saw were viagra, Levitra & Cialis. The funny/odd part being that they were all in single portion boxes. That made me think that these boxes were the drug companies demo pills that they give away in abundance to doctors, except this doctor was selling them. And holey crap! what a price…. 5000 colones ($10.00 US) per pill!!!

Good guesses though!


The originally written post for today:

Too much beach?

Today was our second last day of school. We brought out our world map first thing and completely blew apart Freedie’s lesson plan, but we spoke mainly in Spanish to make it “educational”. We talked mostly of our trip, and he asked many questions in Spanish.

After class today it was still extrordinarily beautiful outside. Usually we can see rain clouds that are a few hours away, ready to sprinkle the beaches by 3:00 in the afternoon. Today though, none of us were particularly strongly leaning to going to the beach. Instead we had lunch and then wandered into Quepos main town to get some more cash and shoes for Luke. These are his third pair already in 10 days! I fear that at this rate, we won’t have enough cash to make it past China!

We went souvineer shopping, found some shoes, and enjoyed walking around town together one last time before we leave in a couple of days. We stopped in at a grocery store and wrote down all sorts of prices on scrap cardboard. I’ll make a google spreadsheet with the prices sometime and share it publicly with a link from our blog. We are going to try and get prices for common things from all of the countries and areas we visit.

Speaking of prices, I noticed at the pharacy the other day an abundance of Viagra, Levitra & Cialis on a shelf behind the counter. The funny part is that all of the packages were single pills (for roughly $10 US per pill!) and a doctors office was next door. I then realized that the doctor was probably selling all of the single portion ED pills that the drug companies give away as demos. Too funny!

I stayed up late Wednesday night (until about 1:00 AM) helping the oldest son fix his computer. I backed up all of the families files to one of my portable hard drives. Then I showed him how to re-partition and format a drive to reinstall windows. Before that though we took it apart and gave the inards a good cleaning! (including intentionally busting off the processor locking arm).

Maricella had planned a special dinner for us for tonight, since Ania wouldn’t be home on Friday. Extended family and friends were invited for a great BBQ. After supper we gave Maricella a couple of humble gifts. An inuckshuk with a descriotion written in Spanish by Claudette, and a deck of cards with the maple leaf flag on the backs. We promptly all sat down and shgowed everyone how to play spoons. It was a blast! Claudette filmed and photographed a few hads which should be funny to view later.

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    Twix Bars or Warren Moon fooball cards!!