The big city

We arrived in San Jose this afternoon. It was about a 3.5 hour bus ride for about $8 per person… We are just wandering around the city a bit this afternoon, and are booked for the all day tour tomorrow (Sunday). I haven{t found any open wireless connections near the hotel yet, but will keep looking for an opportunity to use the phone.

It{s rainy here, and a little bit cooler than on the coast if that makes any of you Northerners feel any better…


Place appropriate Alice Cooper song title here…

School’s out! For the yee-hear! Friday we finished up and received our certificates. We let Inga use to phone to call her Mom (whom she hadn’t talked to in a week). Luke has grown remarkably attached to her in the week and a half that we’ve been here.

After school and after entering some stuff on the internet for a bit, we went to the beach. Since this is our last day here we were going to pay to go to the National Park again. Our fellow students quickly informed us that they were going as well and that admission was free today since it was National Parks Day in Costa Rica. We had a great time and took turns with a bunch of other students looking after the stuff on the beach. The waterfront was quite a bit steeper here than the main public beach we had been going to. This made the swells much genteler at standing level, since they only get large and crash down a meter or two from shore.

The park closed and we were kicked out at 4:00 PM, so we all went out for a happy hour drink and a plate of nachos. Me, Alex & luke, and several hot women… It was terrible for me. On the bus Luke forced Claudette to sit with some stranger and saved his double seat for Inga. Poor boy… Great taste in girls though, she is very sweet. We said our goodbyes, gave her an address sticker and came home for supper.

After supper the kids went accross the street again to visit until bedtime when we had them pack up their bags and jump in to bed. Our bus leaves for San Jose’ tomorrow (Saturday) at 9:30 AM. We’re staying at a pretty cheap hotel there, and are taking a tour to an old semi-dormant Volcano on Sunday. Unfortunately we decided (well, Claudette did anyways…) that the Arenal volcano was too far away.

2 Responses to “The big city”

  1. bev.den says:

    Iam sitting at Rod. and Rhea’s. We wish you were here.
    Or we were with you.

  2. Rick says:

    Funny how everyone seems to comment that they wish they were here with us, or for those other tourists that we have met, wish they were continuing on with us. We wish all our friends and family could just rent a 747 together and travel around. That’d be cool! That’s what I’ll do as soon as we win the lottery. (Hmmmm, trouble is; I refuse to buy lottery tickets!)

    Whenever we have some guide on whatever tour point out naturally growing bamboo to us we (both Claudette and I) have been bragging up yer bro’s floors. Man I sure hope Claudette doesn’t want those when we get home! Speaking of which, I added a new picture to wayyyyyyy back (number 60) of Luke and Inga standing in front of a rather massive grouth of bamboo shoots. They reach twice as high as what is visible in this picture.