Compressed Breathing in Cusco

We landed in Cusco late this morning and right away the smaller quantities of oxygen at this high altitude started affecting Claudette. Her chest felt slightly heavy, and a very slight (non-hurting) headache started forming in her frontal lobe. I followed suit with similar symptoms within an hour. We bought some pills that help to circulate oxygen in the bloodstream better, and if either of us gets worse at the base town of Machu P. tomorrow, we will take the perscription Altitude sickness pills we brought. The two kids seem unaffected so far but Luke is tired and needs a couple hours of downtime (just like his Momma).

The town here is very beautiful and nestled in the mountains with around 200,000 people. There are internet cafe’s in abundance! And our hotel is about 100m down a narrow lane (too small for cars) just off of the main square.

I’m doing backups right now but will upload some pics later tonight I hope…

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