Yet another time needed to catch up

Right now we are in Cusco, Peru. We went through Lima were the earthquake hit, and it turns out there was no real damage there, and it barely got hit. Else where there is lots of damage and I think around 2000 people have died. glad we were not here!!!It is ok, but there are a few problems.
We are at a very highish altatude so we can get something called altatude sickness. You can feel like your chest is being compressed and sick to the stomach. The cure-ish, cafeine!!!! I haven´t been afected by the altatude yet but my parents have, and luke kinda has. We aren´t sure if we should give luke medacaton and make him even more hyper then he allready is!!!!!!
The other problem is they are people evry few steps who ask you if you want to buy something! Now it has kinda become a source of entertainment , because me and my dad learnt how to ask if it is free!:)
Other than those problems things are great!
Bye bye for now!!! Alex

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