No words can describe it… Machu Picchu!!!

Asounding! Amazing… remarkable…. stunningly beautiful…. No words can really do justice to the day we just experienced!

It was truly amazing and a dream all at the same time. We took a whole lot of pics… Tonight I´m working on finally uploading the last of the Costa Rica pics…

My only conclusion is that EVERYONE should come here once! (And more importantly, it doesn´t have to be near as expensive as we originally thought.)

(Thanks Ann!!!!! Yer awesome! I read your amex e-mail)

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3 Responses to “No words can describe it… Machu Picchu!!!”

  1. Tim says:

    Absolutely awesome, guys. Machu Picchu looks like no other place on earth. What the heck would have inspired the Incans (or whoever) to build on top of a fricking mountain like that? Still, it makes for some very cool ruins for you guys to tromp through a thousand or so years later. What is the elevation? I noticed Rick had shorts on but you guys were all dressed more warmly. Was it cold up there?

    Cuzco looked like a really nice town. Not the sort of place I expected to see in the middle of Peru. It looks so modern. Jeez, your trip is shattering all my banana-republic illusions and cliches for South America. What was that fancy old building you guys were standing in front of in Cuzco? Love the architecture.

    The Waterfall Gardens look fantastic. I take it those birds are used to people hanging around ‘cos they seemed pretty comfortable with you guys. Say, what was with that insan;y colourful cart you guys were in? Were you going somewhere in it, or just posing in it because it was so insanely colourful?

    We just had a nice weekend at Pine Lake. Hordes of kids dropped by as the campground was full of Smith families, so we had quite a crowd for a while. Had a great time, and the weather (shocking!) was nice for a change.

    Hope you guys had a great Labour Day weekend (do they have Labour Day in Peru?). Take care, we miss you guys, and have a great time in Ecuador.

  2. bev.den says:

    I am now studying history in order to follow your trip, which is a good thing. Machu Picchu is amazing, of coarse I googled it and learned alot. The oldest building I have been in was the early 1800’s,which was amazing to me, so one builded in the 1400’s, Wow!!!!!, envy is how I feel.
    Take care

  3. Rick says:

    That’s great Bev! As much as I depised history in school, it is certainly quite a bit more interesting now to learn more about places we are seeing.

    Yes Tim, that building was huge and very majestic. It was an Inca building, but the Spanish came and leveled all Incan & Myan buildings they found, and rebuilt churches on top of all the old temples. In most cases the Spaniards kept the base stones & blocks, and some walls and built on top of those spectacular displays of genocide & houses of money, Ooops! I mean houses of God.