Hot tub, Smott tub

Written: Wednesday August 29 2007

Today we are in Agua Calliente. Translated from spanish to english it is Hot Water. Funny name for a town!!! It is named that because it has some hot springs, which we just came back from! It was only ok because it wasn’t o-natural. It was built with like 7 different pools. some are warmer, some have sand at the bottem and others are kinda shallow.
I think after being in the hot springs a hot tub will do nothing anymore, so now I have a reason not to go in!! Haha!! I never really liked hot tubs.
Tommorow we are doing some hiking( I think). Our leader will leave us for that day.
Well s’all for now bye!!!

2 Responses to “Hot tub, Smott tub”

  1. Karen S says:

    Keep the postings and pics coming….. we are really enjoying your trip!!!!! I log in daily to see where you are at!!! Karen, Kaitlyn, Zach and Phil.

  2. marnie says:

    Hey AJ!! Awesome blog and photos – suspension bridge and zip line thingey – freaky!!! The girls were THRILLED to talk to you today – thanks – we miss you all TONS!! I looked for you at school today out of habit – the call was just what we needed!!
    Love and hugs