Spectacular Galapagos!

We’re still on the islands. With many amazing experiences under our belts after the last few days here. This internet cafe computer on the island won’t read the card with our longer postings on it. When we get back to Quito for a couple days starting tomorrow I’ll update the blog.

We’re all well, having a fantastic time! (Irregardless of 75% of our family violently emptying our stomachs in the first two days from being on the small boat in slightly turbulent waters. The burst blood vessels in my left eye should heal in a few weeks…)

5 Responses to “Spectacular Galapagos!”

  1. Marc says:

    Hi Guys! Sounds like great fun, except for the burst blood vessel thing… Can’t wait til u get to Halifax!

  2. AJ says:

    The only rason he popped a blood vessel is because he was puking his guts out. I´m the only James family member who did´t puke their guts out! ¨! AJ

  3. pauline says:

    Hi guys,
    Wow, you’re in Ecuador, makes me wish I was there again. If you’re looking for some fun, there’s a 10,000 foot bike ride off a volcano, just west of Quito. Nothing too difficult, just a fun cruise down old roads. You should check it out!
    Let me know if you’re looking on more Ecuador tips.

  4. Karen S says:

    Wondered who was the 25%. Cannot get enough of your adventures!!!!!!!!

  5. Rick says:

    Thanks Karen, we’re glad that people are enjoying reading… But! You haven’t said what contry your family is planning to meet with us in?????

    Thailand might be open due to extenuating circumstances. Think about it!

    great news Tim. I’ll figure out an address in Brisbane as soon as I can and get it to ya.