Landed Down Under…

After a brutally long day, we saw Sydney from the air. The opera house looked beautiful from the air, and we plan on visiting it tomorrow. Everyone is dog tired adjusting to the time change. Plus it didn’t help much that there was a good assortment of a dozen different movies available on the plane for the last 15 hours to keep us awake all night.

I tried going to the Chinese Embassy to get VISA’s today, but forgot that we had crossed the date line, and it was already Saturaday just befor lunch when we landed. Guess we’ll hit it on Monday. We didn’t have a hotel booked before arriving and scrambled at the airport calling around to actually find a room, but got a basic one in the end. Shared bathroom down the hall, and one double, one single bed in a walkup for $120

I’m off to join the other soundly sleeping James’!

2 Responses to “Landed Down Under…”

  1. Well, hello, James Family! I realize it’s been quite a while since you left for me to finally be posting to you, but I’m so glad you appear to be enjoying yourselves so far. The excitement just seems to follow you! What’s the deal with everyone except Alex being affected by … well, things? Altitude sickness, sea sickness … Quite the constitution she’s got! Your snorkelling time in the Galapagos sounds amazingly fun.
    Jessica is floored with how often Luke appears to lose his clothes so far on this trip…
    Jarod says “I can’t believe you lost three shoes in just 10 days!” (That’s a direct quote…)
    Rick, Rick, Rick … the saying “do as I say and not as I do” is not REALLY what one would encourage as guidance. You really should follow your own advice and be careful around things that could hurt you.
    Like everyone else, I too wish we were there with you. You’re an inspiration and I only hope that some day we can do something similar.
    In the mean time, we’ve had a full summer ourselves. We went to Vancouver for just over a week in August and while we had a good time and Jessica particpated in an acting workshop, we also had our bags stolen from our vehicle including my computer bag (so much for stuff being safer in the locked vehicle than the unlockable tent!). The week after that we were in Edmonton for my mom’s lung surgery (which went well and she’ll be fine by December…). Then we came home where I continued to deal with the consequences of losing my computer. Yeah, if anyone has to upgrade to Windows Vista the best advice I can pass along right now is to make absolutely certain that whatever software or periferals you’re installing is compatible with Vista!
    Anyway, Dan, the kids and I wish you all the best. I’ll be sure to check into your blog far more often than I have so far. Hugs and kisses for you all, and we’ll ‘talk’ soon!
    Adelle 🙂

  2. Rick says:

    Great to hear from you guys Adelle! That’s a big shame to hear about the theft, cause, YUP, Windows VISTA ain’t so poop hot. Luke and Alex have both gotten better at keeping track of their stuff lately. If (however) I lose one more camera battery charger I think CJ might toss my cold dead body out into the harbor…

    What country are you guys gonna meet up with us in????