Hello from Downunder!

Yes, I know I haven’t posted a new message in quite a while, although I have to say I have been more faithful in keeping up my journal. Well, we are leaving Sydney this morning. We stayed in a hotel/bed & breakfast for 2 nights and then we picked up our camper van and stayed for 2 nights in a campground near the Sydney Airport so that we could finish seeing the sites in Sydney. Yesterday we did a guided tour around the Sydney Opera House and then we had to run to get to the Bridge Climb Tour that we booked. The SOH was beautiful and very interesting however the bridge climb was the most fun even Luke & I weren’t that freaked out by the heights.

Rick is off at the moment mailing another package home, while I am suppose to be looking for a new campground south of Sydney. I think I’ve found one that the kids will like. (www.eastvanparks.com.au)

Anyway thats all for now. Take care, Claudette

4 Responses to “Hello from Downunder!”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Hi Guys

    I have been away for awhile on duty travel. *whew* .. glad to have THAT over with! I haven’t been reading or writing in the blog. HEY! Watch out for those toxic spiders down there. (BE VERY CAREFUL … LUKE!!!) Are any of you ready to come home yet?? (I am just curious … and you can please answer me honestly!!) I will go and check out all the wonderful pics of your trip so far. Enjoy the Land Down Under! (mate!)
    Ann The Good 🙂

  2. barb and rich goodkey says:

    Hi Rick and Claudette and Kids

    WOW! What a trip so far. My husband Richard says you folks are excellent story tellers and your expressions are awesome. I haven’t read it all so far so am anxiously looking forward to finishing it this weekend.
    Hopefully you will keep the entries going. Anyhow, just wanted to say Hello. Talk at you later.

    barb and rich

  3. keizerklan says:

    Hye??!! Are you guys all wired in for sound? I was checking out your pics and noticed everyone wearing wires or are you all plugged into your own MP3 players?

    Signed Curious.


  4. Rick says:

    Great to hear from you guys Barb! Thanks, but I’m never sure how often my occaisional ramblings are interesting perspectives or yarns; or if the’re seen as raving verbal spoutings of a travelling lunatic….

    Nice to be back home Ann? It was great to talk to ya briefly tonight…

    The headsets we were wearing in the Sydney Harbor Bridge pictures were from the two way radios so that the guide could talk to us all. We were only wearing t-shirts & shorts under those thin jumpsuits, but easily kept warm in the breeze from the excertion of climbing.