Old posts and comments…

We just arrived in Umina Beach, ( a little South of Newcastle) for two nights at a great campground. We met up with the two Aussie kids that Alex & Luke made friends with at the last place as well. Luke was sure surprised to see them in the pool when he went to check it out.

When I get a chance I often go back and reply to questions people have in the comments with an additional comment. If you commented on or asked about something be sure to check back and review them once in a while. I think that there’s a way to subscribe to a news feed (automatic notification of any updates) for the Blog as well, but I haven’t looked into that myself yet…

I heard there was snow in Smith the other day! Brrrrr… Guess I won’t whine about the +14 to +18 overcast weather we’ve been experiencing the last few days. We bought a boogie board at a pawn shop the other day, and went swiming in the surf (the fridgidly freezing bloody COLD surf that is…) yesterday morning. Well, three of us went, while one watched from shore… It was lots of fun, but we sure can’t wait to get further North where the waters will be even warmer!

One Response to “Old posts and comments…”

  1. grandmavi says:

    I just subscribed to Feeds and it works great. No fuss.
    There already was a “Feeds” icon between Favorites and History and the comments go in there and you just click on the icon to view.
    Funny, I had never noticed that icon before.
    It appears that you can only view the Feeds from the time you signed in.
    I’ll investigate and let you know if I find anything further.
    Did you really eat Kangaroo or is that one on your little jokes?
    Which one watched from shore?
    Love Mom
    PS 2% milk – 1 litre – Superstore $1.29