It’s easy for mom, she can’t tell left from right!

That is what Luke said while we were ajusting to driving on the left side of the road. The absolute first thing he said when we arrived in the taxi. I love Australia so far! When we first arrived it was nice, there was only one taxi driver (I’m comparing it to peru where there was a dirty hand slapping cat fight, except it was men) and it was funny because he said “do you guys need a taxi” and we said “‘yes but we don’t know where to yet”‘ and right away he led us to a big billboard and showed us all the good hotels. We had to phone atleast 9 hotels before we found a vacancy (I’m pretty sure it was summer holidays there plus we were in Sydney, the big city)!

Once we got our campervan, I was happy (no more walking or trains or taking the mono rail).

We have been in 3 camps with our campervan so far. One near the airport, where we didn’t make any friends(we were only there for a day).
The next one was south of Sydney, where we met Courtney and Hayden. Courtney is 12 and Hayden is 9 (And they are both way taller then us well courtney is taller than me but Hayden is only taller then Luke). Then they left, and we met a fam with three kids, Stephanie (7), Claudia (6) and Nathon (4). They were lots of fun to play with (but the next day we left :(!).
Then at our next camp site we go there and find (drum roll) Courtney and Hayden!!! Then Later that day We met Erin (10) and his older brother Jake (13). Me and Jake were really good friends, and me and Erin were really good enimies. Erin would totally devote himself to bugging Luke and Luke wouldn’t do anything so I would wave my hands like a wave and say ‘”Go Away!!!, Go Away!”‘ in a whiny voice and aproach Erin and he would fall to the ground laughing and leave Luke alone. It was very sad, but funny. We all (6 of us) Went exploring the campground at about 8:00 (it was dark) and we went possum hunting. I had never seen one before but we saw about 5. Then the next morning Courtney left:(! Then me and Jake went and wasted like 30 dollars( Australian) at the arcade:)! I found it amazing how Erin could be my biggest enimy one minute and then the next second (when I have money and we are at the arcade) he is my bestest friend in the entire world!! I alomost gave him 2 dollars! I wonder what his parents give him…
Then later that day Jake and Erin Left ( 🙁 🙂 !) Then I was at the pool for a bit and I saw (Drum roll) The family with the three young kids! We played for a bit then later at about 9 we went hunting for possums! We only saw 3 that time. then the next day (Today) we left ( :'(!). Now we are at an internet cafe and next we go to Point stevens then Coffs harber.
Thats all for today(I can’t see into the future)
bye miss everybody lots of love!!

5 Responses to “It’s easy for mom, she can’t tell left from right!”

  1. grandmavi says:

    You do tell a grand story, I love it.
    – the part about “can’t see into the future” – pretty funny.
    Glad you’re having so much fun.
    Pete and I are off to bed – him in his and me in mine!
    Please ask your dad to post a picture of your camper van when he gets a chance.
    Love from Grandma Vi

  2. Angela Turlione says:

    Hello James’ Family.
    I LOVE reading your entries on your trek across the world. You are all great story tellers! Alex and Luke, how lucky you are to be experiencing this “vacation”. Can’t wait to read more.
    Take care, Angela (Grandma Vi’s work pal)

  3. keizerklan says:

    Wow … what an adventure with the friends! Watch out for poisonous spiders while you hunt possums!!!!

    Keep on having fun!!

    Ann 🙂

  4. Rick says:

    Great to hear from everyone! Hopefully our stories can pass as a poor substitute for me occaisionly chatting on the phone with you Angela. Nobody should read the next entry, “Today’s Lesson:” at work, due to the excessive length and the possible need to urinate while smiling at my stupidity and missfortune. There’s nothing worse than stinky office chairs, but at home it’s no big deal cause you can easily buy new ones and it’s not with my hard earned tax paying dollars… 🙂

  5. AJ says:

    Yeah Grandma Vi but I didn’t get my story telling skills from dad, I think it skipped a generation 🙂
    There Are no Poisonous spiders(I think), I think, we mainly have to worry about the jellys and sharks and pirannas

    (ok I was kidding about the pirannas)