Slowly worming our way up the Coast…

Alex and I had our first (of many to come!) surfing lesson this morning. It was a blast! I’m sure kicking myself for not insisting on buying that $85 surfboard we saw at the pawn shop in Sydney now… Lessons here were quite reasonable at least! Only AUS$50 each for Alex and I compared to US$95 in Costa Rica! On the other hand music CD’s seem to be outrageously priced at a universal AUS $30 here!!! Milk is also AUS$4.30 for a 2L.

Gotta go cook supper, more blabbering later when I get a chance.


We have been staying at a variety of types of campgrounds with generally nice, but a couple with not so stunning, facilities. Some of them seem to get right carried away with extra-curricular facilities and activities. Of course there are generally extra costs associated with those as well. We are just taking it easy with a few hours of driving on up the coast with typically a two night stay at each campground along the way. Once again we have no capability to put up pictures due to coin operated internet kiosks at the last several campgrounds. On the last disk there wasn’t much worthy of adding to our online picture gallery anyways. Just some so-so shots of the cutest little duckbilled platypus swimming in a tank at the Sydney aquarium. They were pretty cool, but very active and difficult to get a decent picture of.

Pulling into today’s campground we FINALLY saw our first kangaroos! They were grazing on some grass right at the entrance to this RV park. Then later on that night we saw two more little ones right near the shared kitchen about 20m from our van. When I got the camera, the disk wasn’t working!!! So I threw another disk in and shot footage and some stills of the two joeys in the dark. Then I checked into the previous disk. It was completely toast and unrecoverable. I was trying to think of what was on there… We put it in on our second day in Sydney while at the Aquarium. We think that Claudette had mostly shot Alex and I surfing on that disk so far. So, while its disappointing we can live without those pics. Upon investigation Claudette then told me that “Oh, by the way… something happened to the camera when I was filming you two surf the other day….” Oh well, I’m sure we’ll go surfing again and get even better footage then!

2 Responses to “Slowly worming our way up the Coast…”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Enjoy the surfing lessons … they are fun once you get your balance! I could only sit on my knees for the longest time and take a cruise on a wave. No matter what .. it was fun and it is amazing how much time zooms by when you are playing in the waves!

    So .. what does Claudette and Luke do while you two are riding the waves?


  2. Rick says:

    Last time they just played (& read) on and in the beach. We are taking lessons again tomorrow (Friday) morning at a new campground, and Luke wanted to join, so we\’re forcing Claudette to do them as well… A shame there\’ll be no one left to take incriminating pictures!