Second Surfing Lesson.

This morning Alex and I had a second lesson, while Claudette and Luke joined us for their first lesson. It was pretty good, the surf was nice and the water warm. Alex had a bit of a rougher go, bonking herself on the head twice while Luke had fun and made it up a couple times. Claudette demonstrated excellent balance and made it up onto her knees quite a bit and on two legs once too. I continued to struggle with my balance and kept plugging away and trying wave after wave, after wave. Finally one time ZING! I found the sweet spot of my balance and Whoop! I was up. What an exhilerating feeling to ride that baby wave in for a ways!!! Then, after a couple more flops in the water the 90 minute lesson was over. Luckily the instructor had another lesson in a half an hour and encourgaed us to keep using the boards until then. I slammed down every which way ’till Sunday off my board a bunch more times and then, nirvanically (is that a word? Agh, who cares…) I found that sweet spot in my balance of rising from stomache to legs again. Then again! Then AGAIN!!! And once more. I rode four baby waves in a row and quickly began contemplating what kind of work I could do in Australia and how much was it going to cost for the board of my own that I desperately needed to buy…. Hmmmmm, I shall force myself to bear out the remainder of our planned trip and then as quickly as possible find my way back (with or without family ) to bum out the rest of my dwindling years on the beach getting skin cancer with a glorious grin on my face.

Alex plans on trying again. We really, REALLY should have gotten that $85 board at the pawn shop in sydney now. Claudette I’ve told will be trying at least one more lesson. She seemed to agree in a mock obidiant tone, but I think that she really does want to go again herself. Luke I’m not so sure. As everything for ten year olds, I think it was a bit harder and slightly more work than he anticipated. He’ll probably have another go a couple days down the road though… At least he got up on two legs just a couple of waves before I did today!

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