So many firsts!

Yesterday we have almost completed our firsts! We had already seen our first possum and while we were driving to our next campsite, I spotted our first kangaroos! Notice the I spotted them no one else had beleived me until I forced Luke’s head to turn :). There were only little ones. We saw similar ones later that were the same size and we were told they are about in their teens. I’m not sure if we got any pictures, because the first time we were driving and it was to fast then the next time my dad had killed the the camera and I’m not sure I it got (ummmmm) unkilled.
Two camps ago I took my first surfing lessons and they were so awesome!! I’m still in the early stages but I can manouver on my belly and stand up and balence for a bit (20 seconds Is my record I believe). Now my mom totally has to buy me a surf board! If only I could keep it up! Theres no place to surf in Fort Smith!
Also When I got surfing lesson I saw my first real live Jelly(fish, I’m talking Aussie now!). It is a blue bottle and there tenticles can grow from about 2 inches to 2 metres! For every say 50 meters on the beach there was probably about 30 of them! Luckily this only happens in the summer because the wind blows them in (or something like that).
The only first we have to complete now is seeing a koala. When we first arrived we were told we would see a kangaroo because there is lots of them and they are pests like a black bear (excepts kangaroos aren’t carnivorous, but they have a pretty good kick and an adult could probably break your ribs easily). But koalas are very rare and extremely shy! I only hope we do get to see one that is not in a zoo.
Thats all I have to say we are leaving this camp pretty soon, Bye!!!!

One Response to “So many firsts!”

  1. grandmavi says:

    I hope you get to see a koala soon.
    Pete and I send our love to you and Luke.
    Grandma Vi