Loving Australia!!!

Well, as you can tell from reading Rick and Alex’s entries, we are just having a blast in Australia. We’ve met some great people, and had some great wine. It’s been just the best prevention for any homesickness. Luke has made friends in almost ever campground we’ve stayed in, and usually their has been a friend for Alex too (even a few boys).

I am loving some of the different words Australian use and may just have to keep using them. Especially “feral” which is used like we would use the word “bad” and the word “dear” which is used to mean expensive.

Anyway, I know this is a quick note but we are leaving Brisbane today. So we are packing up after making ourselves at home with friends we made, Robert, Leesa-Maree and their kids, Riley & Emile for the last 3 days.

Glad everyone is enjoying our blogs. Take care, Claudette

5 Responses to “Loving Australia!!!”

  1. grandmavi says:

    How nice you’re all enjoying your time in Australia and making new friends.
    It was great to talk to and see everyone last night.
    Even Pete was excited (LOL).
    I can’t wait to read more.
    Hugs to all
    Grandma Vi

  2. florence says:

    my 1st
    i really enjoy reading about your families travel and their take on where they are but mostly i love the pictures of the places, sites(the ruins),the things(bluefootedboob)and of course the pictures of the family.this whole trip is awesome and the writings:i didn’t know that ricks family was so good at writing and as for rick i always knew he had the gift…..
    keep the info and pics coming
    love to all
    great aunty florence

  3. florence says:

    by the way thank you for the b-day greeting
    take care all
    g a f

  4. Rick says:

    Great to have you vicariously along G.A.F.! Thanks for the very kind words. We (sadly) don’t remember everyone’s birthday, but happened to have a couple written down.

    Shall we plan on you joing yer OLDER sister in meeting up with us somewhere??? That’d be fun!

  5. AJ says:

    whos YER older sister????