We are still in Australia. We leave soon (I think). Since I last wrote, we have seen some of the great barrior reef and done some caving( I think it is actually called spelunking or something like that, must have been a guy named George Spelunk :D) The great barrior reef was really cool but the part we saw was kinda disapionting. We didn’t see alot of anything or alot of bright colours. I think we all really preferred caving! It was way fun, first we did a tour were we walked around and she was telling us how these brides, lond ago would get married in the church(which I’ll tell you about in a sec) and they had to go this long long way, in knee deep guano (bat poop). and People would also go to sunday mass , what you would do is pay for it on saturday(which cost an arm and a leg!) then on sunday you would get up really early get into your best clothes and take a 3 hour horse and wagon ride, then walk in knee deep guano( which I forgot to tell you was filled with all sorts of bugs, roaches, worms and maggots, just to name a few :D) in there best clothes and get all sorts of stuff in their shoes! Then they would sit through mass which was about 3 hours with stuff moving around in thier shoes! Then they would tromp through the guano again and get even more stuff in their shoes! Afterwards there was a picnic and many people would use it as an excuse to sneek of and empty there shoes then, take the 3 hour ride back home. It was very popular aparently.
There church was so so pretty there had speakers set up so we sat in there and Luke sang, (he sang put a little love in your heart by the way)and we listened to a song and had a light show. I was very cool. Then there was some bridges and a very ziggy zaggy passage way that we had to exit out of. Our guide had to let us out in the light becaus it had rained that morning so it it was kinda slippery (there was many sighs of relief when she told us this!)
I have found the perfect sport for lots of kids! Adventure caving! Thats what we did once we finished the tour of the cave. We all liked the cave so much that is what we decideed to do. All you do is you get a guide and they tour you around the cave leading you to many spots where you do something like belly crawl into a pocket then look around and try and get out! My favorite was called the whales belly, and what we did was we got boosted into a wiggle hole then are in a big space enough for 5 adults. then you have to get another boost and you go into this spot where you crawl on your belly and get into another space big enough for 2 adult and you have to crawl out of the whales blow hole it was awesome fun! my dad had to turn around. Me and Luke made it through every single one! My dad didn’t do 2 and my mom did 1 I think. Another fun one was kids only. I was the smallest one and I was this crack in a rock only just big enough for me! you had to climb up it but there was only one hard spot which is hard to get your leg through. I manged to go up twice and down once before we had to go. Anyone under 9 would not have a single trouble!!
Bye bye!!!!!

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