Last week here…

We are (very sadly!) winding down our Aussie visit. We left the mine after I had a great visit (and an up close tour) with the guys there and went about an hour South before camping. The next night we traveled to Cania Gorge National Park and spent a night in that beautiful spot. It was not unlike even more spectacular ones we have visited in the Rockies before, but still a nice change of scenery for a day. For Friday night we headed East, and almost made it back to the coast. On Saturday or Sunday we are going to try and meet up some friends of Claudette’s girlfriend who live in Mooloolaba, (a little ways North of Brisbane). On Monday we are going to try and sneak back to Brisbane to pick up our passports and Chinese VISA’s, (or to re-apply if there were any problems). Monday afternoon we are heading back North for an hour’s drive to hit the Spectacular “Australia Zoo” on Tuesday. Somehow on Monday we are also going to pack up a schwack of stuff to send home by mail.

The kids (via Luke of course) are making tonnes of friends wherever they go, and there is never a dog at any of our campgrround’s that goes un-pet by Alex Luke (and often me when I go to track them down to come back for bedtime!)

We’ve spent a little bit of time looking into places to stay in Thailand, but if anyone has experience with a great place, or has any other reasonable suggestions feel free to send us a note!

3 Responses to “Last week here…

  1. Kalsy says:


    I hope you can visit our friends as you would all have a riot!!!I have spoken to some colleagues who have gone to Thailand and here is some information I have for you.
    Tourist Places: Phukat – beautiful but do not go out at night, Chang Mai, Ayunthaya, Kancanaburi
    Islands: Koisamui, Kohlanta
    Tourist Mecca (excursions, etc.): Khao San Road
    Everyone I have talked to says it is a beautiful place with good cheap merchandise.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

  2. Tim says:

    Jo, the kids and I looked at all your pics last night. Ian was particularly in awe of the diving pics and the ones in the caves. Gracie was just thrilled to see you all. Every time a new pic would come up she would squeal out whoever was in it. “That’s Alex! That’s Rick and Claudette! That’s Luke!”

    My absolute fave is the one of all of you on the Sydney Bridge. The one with the opera house in the background is nice, but you guys have better experessions in the one with just the skyline in the background.

    It looks like you guys are having…well, the experience of the lifetime, which I guess you are. Glad it has gone so well so far. Good luck with the visas for your China visit.

  3. Rick says:

    Cool Kalsy, Thanks for the suggestions! Can’t say we even have the tinyest bit of room for any more merchandise, but Rick will probably try!

    Tim, your new user is adjusted to admin as well now, so you can reset the password of the old one. Glad you all enjoyed the pics! The Caves were indeed Awesome! Luke can’t wait to take Ian there and explore as soon as they raise enough money babysitting or selling lemonade, or whatever…