Dickie Beach – Last Saltwater swim in Oz

We managed to sneak into Brisbane Monday morning and grabbed the Chinese VISA’s without a hitch. After a bookstore stop (for Lonely Planet Asia books) we headed an hour North towards the zoo. Instead of staying inland close to the zoo, we read a brochure that described how the had free shuttle buses that pick visitors up from 6 coastal towns. Claudette and I promptly decided that staying adjacent to the ocean again was a far more interesting option. Sadly though, when we phoned to book spots on the bus, we discovered pickup times were only 10:00 with a half hour drive, whilst the zoo opened at 9:00 AM! We therefore set the alarm and drove ourselves out early to get a full day in there.

We had a wonderful last frolic Monday afternoon, after arriving at our campground early afternoon. We toyed with visiting the zoo for a few hours as well before spending the full day there Tuesday. Instead Claudette and I decided to rent a surfboard, and spend one last afternoon at the beach. The waves were more volatile here than we’d experienced at other beaches and we all took a pounding trying to stand up on that bloody thing again. The wax was poorly done on the board which didn’t give the kids as much grip as they needed. As a result they were sliding off really easily in the heavy waves. My excuse is that the board was just too darn sort for my weight and as a beginner, it was too small to support me. That coupled with the poor waxing meant that I would easily slide off even just ducking under a wave.

The kids built a few sandcastles over the afternoon, which of course were subsequently eaten by the oncoming tide. Alex and Luke still haven’t come to grips with the fact that anything they build in wet sand is gonna be toast in a few hours… Two Aussie kids (a sister & brother about 16 and 13 or so) were playing catch with jellyfish upper body parts that had washed up on the beach. Well, catch is a generous word. They were actually trying to throw the pieces 3-6m and smack each other. It was pretty funny to watch. I couldn’t get the kids to kick the soccer ball around with me much cause they were gravely concerned with building the sand walls higher and thicker to combat the ever encroaching water. Claudette however kicked it around for a bit and we had some great smacks back and forth.

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  1. AJ says:

    I can’t wait ’till the surfing in Thailand!