Claudette’s view on Singapore and Malaysia so far…

Well, it’s just barely been a week since we’ve left Australia, and I must admit I really miss the familiar and the annonymity. So far we stick out like tourists even more so than I felt in South America. It’s a bit eerie to be watched everywhere we go.

We have kept to most of the big shopping centers and attractions, although we did venture out to Chinatown while we were in Singapore. It’s pretty much just like the movies with small 4′ x 8′ kiosk selling everything and anything. Yesterday we picked up a couple of watches for ourselves. Rick bought a Rolex off the street and I picked up a “Guess” watch from a kiosk for the equivalent of about $3 Canadian.

In Singapore we did mostly family stuff with going to the water park and theme park, while in Malyasia we have done more sightseeing. The hotel we ended up picking is fantastic as it is walking distance to most attractions and the KL Monorail is right beside it. Tomorrow we are off to the island of Penang, so we will be doing more relaxing on the beach.

Rick’s already nagging me to start thinking about contributing some writing to the family Christmas letter, Ugh… I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by.

5 Responses to “Claudette’s view on Singapore and Malaysia so far…”

  1. Tim says:

    It would probably be more accurate to say Rick bought a “Rolex”. Since real Rolexes go for about $5,000, I can’t see him buying one on a KL street. 🙂

    The stronger Canadian dollar must be helping you guys out quite a bit. Nothing like having your spending money increase in value by 20 percent without doing anything.

    Malaysia sounds quite nice, although I imagine you guys do stick out quite a bit compared to all the other places you have been so far. Still, after several months in tropical or semi-tropical climes, you guys must have lost some of your Canadian pastiness, so at least you don’t actually glow in the dark.

    The Keizers came around for supper the other night, and told us they got the postcards from you guys, but they forgot to bring them! Cheeky buggers! We look forward to seeing them. Ian is very excited at the prospect of hearing from Luke.

    Take care, guys. We miss ya!

  2. Rick says:

    Nope! Yer wrong Tim, the “guy” told me it was VERY real and authentic. I could have gotten you one for a good price too if you were willing to spend a little bit of cash for some quality merchandice.
    Malaysia is indeed VERY nice, and we are quite tanned from South America, the Australia still… I addressed those postcards seperately! One was to: “the Keizers and the Gauthiers” while the other was for the: “Gauthiers and the Keizers”. You’d better invite yerselves over there for supper tonight just to teach ’em a lesson about forgetting… 😀 I’ve been slack on writing the last few days, but have some ideas lolling about in my head which should come out as blog entries in the next couple of days. Did you see the HUGE sandcastle picture? It was a distinct record for the beach everyone here told us.

  3. Leesa-Maree says:

    did you wear your long skirt?

  4. Tim says:

    Fortunately, you know what a notoriously cheap bastard I am. My $49 Timex has lasted six years and is still going. If it is indeed a real Rolex, well good on ya.

    As for you being slack on the writing, it was actually nice to hear from Claudette. We have been checking her blog regularly, but it seems to be…ahem…inactive. 🙂

    Actually, I think it is nice to have you all on one blog anyway. Say, when is Luke going to do a post? We have had several from Alex but none from the Lukester. Come on, kiddo! It’s not all frolic on holidays. Ian has to live vicariously through someone too, ya know. What the heck do young boys do on round-the-world trips (besides fight with their sisters, I mean)?

    We did indeed see the huge sandcastle. The kids were particularly wowed. They have decided to try to build one like that at Pine Lake next summer. The way the lake is dropping, they may have nothing to do but play in the sand anyway, so it’s good for them have a project, I guess.

    Keeping in mind the heck you gave me last time about the news, I thought I would share with you guys some more terrible news for the Mounties North of 60. A young Mountie was shot and killed in Kimmerut, Nunavut (I think that used to be Clyde River) today by a drunk driver he pulled over. The kid was 20 years old and six months on the job. Needless to say, people are kind of floored by this, having barely processed the death of the young Mountie in Hay River last month. The national media is going haywire. To them, anything north of Edmonton is the same area, so they are treating this as a trend. Anyway, hate to end on a down note, but I won’t give you any reasons to give me heck anymore about the news.

    Take care all of you, and have a great time. Claudette, you are in a Muslim country, so Leesa-Maree’s advice is sound. Wear the long skirt! Now if we could just get Rick to wear pants we’d be in business…

  5. Rick says:

    Thank you very much Leesa & Tim, . But Claudette wears that thick, long, obscuring skirt altogether too much as it is without encouragement… Geesh! Lots of locals and Aisian tourists wear normal shorts, and shorter revealing skirts without being frowned upon by locals in the touristy areas we’ve been. No worries there at all. We need to get her back into shorts to continue the slow tan of those stark white legs! AGH! Actually, she bout a nice wrap skirt thingy (for you Ann) that looks great and flows & billows delicately around her beautiful legs. The Muslim community here is realatively subdued compared to what I was expecting. Our (Chinese & Indian) teksi driver’s all complain about the Muslim majority blocking out all other Malaysian races (even 4th & 5th generation Chinese and Indians) from the Government (including holding office & general jobs), from the police force, military, student loans (regardless of far better academic acheivments), and all such other aspects of society. This is what we’ve heard only of course, not directly witnessed in our short time here.
    I very much doubt Tim that it is a REAL Rolex, but “Shhhhh” don’t tell anyone else so I can show it off and impress them next year. Of course I won’t really wear it too often due to the fact that it’ll probably break quite easily. I knew you were a little thrifty, but not cheap. I never considered you inclined towards the Scottish ways because of that awesome Irish tartan thingy you have.
    Terrible news once again about the RCMP officer! Geesh, it’d be nice to have the Southern Myopic media focussed on us once in awhile but absolutely NOT this way…
    We desperately need Capital Punishment back in town. YES WE DO! Now stop arguing Tim, you raving liberal lightweight. Just wait for a few more years ’til the Amero takes hold, and then the US absorbes us a few years after that… Facism will be back in fashion in what was formerly known as Canada too!