Bragging rights ! (aka new stuff I’ve done)

I so get them!!! what have I done:
I touched a Boa Constrictor!
(and this other really freaky green poisonus snake)
Gone scuba diving!
Kuddled with a koala (I misspelt that by aciddent by the way)
Gone parasailing(It was totally awesome!)
done zipling(don’t worry I know thats not a word!)
been to Machu Pichu
climbed a really tall tower in the amazon jungle
(thats all I can think of for now, I had lots but the message deleted itself (Ididn’t do it)

Stuff I still gotta do:
Go horse back riding (PLEASE DADDY!)
have a snake on my shoulders.
climb the Eifel (Eifal? Eifil?) Tower

thats all for now, expect this blog to be edited.


One Response to “Bragging rights ! (aka new stuff I’ve done)”

  1. Tim says:

    Great list, Alex! I really enjoy reading your posts.

    Any chance you can convince Luke to share some of his adventures with us?

    Oh, and Rick, get this girl on a horse, would you?