Top 4 Lists, News & Reference Pages

Claudette brought over the “Top Four” lists from her “Claudette” blog to the main blog. It is something that we will update and change as we continue to travel. The link is reachable from any reading blog page at the upper left hand corner, underneith the “home” link.

Also, just to break things up a bit, I made a seperate page for NEWS items that we might have missed normally. A few of you who requested it I have upgraded to “Editor” status to be able to add to this timeline list. Anyone else who wants to add things from their neck of the woods on occaision need only send me an e-mail ( rick (at) jamesworld dot ca ) or write a quick comment requesting to get access to edit this page. It can be reached from any blog page in the upper left hand corner, under the “Home” link, labeled “WORLD NEWS”.

Simply click on the “WORLD NEWS” link, and then click on the “edit” link in the lower right area of the page (after the last current entry) and add a date and the news brief. I put a few things there already that people have mentioned in the comments, but anyone who’s registered should feel free to add more. (ie: Leesa or Robert: we’ll be expecting federal election results please… 🙂 )

I realize that we could also read a newspaper (on-line or otherwise) much more thoroughly and regularly than we already do, but internet time just goes so fast, and time in general to spend on this versus relaxing seems sparse for some reason???

Lastly, Claudette and I have been periodically quizzing the kids on all sorts of things that come up as a semi-academic review of things we’ve done, places we’ve been or questions that somehow arise. Some things that I will ask again they have put in a REFERENCE PAGE, also linked from the upper left corner of readable blog pages.

5 Responses to “Top 4 Lists, News & Reference Pages”

  1. Tim says:

    Why is it you’re more computer savvy with a goofy little portable hand-held in the middle of a (prosperous) third world country than I am with at my own house with a desktop and absurdly overpowered laptop? There is no justice. Unless you’re doing all this technical sutff through some public computer. Does KL have interent cafes?

  2. Rick says:

    Yep, we’re doing most data entry on the Palm (with the foldout keyboard) and pay as you go computers. There are tonnes of internet cafes all around Malaysia (and Thailand I’ve heard). They are pretty cheap too, ranging from $1.50 to maybe up to $3 Canadian per hour. (Although, our hotel in KL charged a whopping CAN $18!!!) The ones mainly we’ve used cost CAN$1.75/hr. All in all, a pretty reasonable price since that includes a fast internet connection, Skype & other internet software, dual layer DVD burners and usually the latest MS Office. I’d almost say it was more worthwhile than the hassels of owning your own up-to-date computer, net connection and dealing with viruses and stuph. Except for the occaisional person who might prefer to have “privacy” while surfing that is…
    I was originally planning on buying a laptop and toying with getting one or two WII\’s in Asia, but am having second thoughts now… Just too much hassel carrying them or shipping them. Guess we\’ll see how spectacular the prices are once we hit Hong Kong, China or India. Who knows?!?!?
    I did buy both exp packs for AOE III, and the latest Call of Duty game DVD’s though! Plus Windows Vista Ultimate and MS Office 2007 everything. I still won’t be convinced to put even VISTA on the net when we get home though. Version 6 of Linspire is really nice, and includes a HUGE schwack of printer drivers older versions didn’t have. Long live the Penguin!!!

  3. Tim says:

    I hate to tell you, but I have been finding myself thinking about a Mac lately.

    For gawd sakes, man, talk me down…

  4. Rick says:

    LINUX MAN! All the way… Microsloth just ain’t worth the anguish and zillions of hours of care… As far as Mac’s go, wel… Who can afford ’em??? Plus they are starting to get viruses… It’s not endemic like on PC’s yet, buut in time it will soon be I think. Open souurce is the only cure to viruses and general hassels. That means two computers, one for PC games, and another Linux one for net access.

  5. Leesa-Maree says:

    Yes, will keep you up to date about the election. I will put some interesting stuff on your facebook wall.