GV: our first visitor from home

A wonderful (and faithful) blog reader suggested that: “We could start a new game called “where is Grandma Vi”” Well… neat idea, but that’s a little ahead of the game. She’s probably over the Pacific right now, about an hour or two your side of Hawii still. She doesn’t land here for another 15.5 hours! Since there’s no doubt that she’ll be plenty tired, we’re planning very little for her first afternoon and evening here. After that though, it’ll be GANGBUSTERS crazy busy! We have tonnes of stuff planned: like relaxing on the beach, relaxing by the pool, relaxing at the beach front restraunts for three meals a day, and then occaisional leisurely strolls down the beach once we build up our strength. Agh……..

Actually, we have two “busy” activities planned while she’s here with us in Phuket. One is an evening spectacular buffet and elephant (50 of ’em doing stuff) and acrobatics show. The other is an all day (8:00 – 5:00) guided slew of activities including: whitewater rafting, (YES! we’ll post the pics of her screaming) an elephant ride through the jungle, an ox cart ride, posing on a water buffalo, 4×4 backcountry tour and swimming in a warm jungle waterfall pool. Their websites are: www.islandsafaritour.com and www.phuket-fantasea.com

After Phuket we have no idea specifically where we are going. We just plan on heading North up the coast to Bangkok and then Cheng Mei and seeing what happens?

I wonder if my Mom took one of her computers over to grandma’s house so she can still read the blog postings and see the pics? Maybe someone else is printing ’em off for Grandma, Idaknow…

We still have plenty of itinerary left for anyone else who wants to meet up somewhere… Start planning.

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  1. keizerklan says:

    Hi everyone!
    Wow, I just read the blogs from Oz until now. What an adventure you guys are having!
    I couldn’t take the humidity … ugh!! That stuff makes my hands sweat MORE! Enjoy the beaches, the scenery and of course …..GRANDMA VI!! (Hi Vi!) *Ann waving hand back & forth*
    I look forward to the pictures.
    Luke: Just to let you know … all 4 Keizers miss you and think of you OFTEN. (I read your blog … that Alex helped write) … and wanted to tell you Michelle & Johnathon say HI

    Alex: It sounds like you are enjoying your adventure. I bet you miss home too sometimes, but I can tell you … this is definitely a trip of a life time. We miss you very much (Michelle says a big hi to her “girlie”)
    Skating is on right now and the girls are on the ice all week long. As mentioned in in earlier note … the snow continues to fall.

    Claudette: Boy .. you are missed VERY much! I think of you often. Every time we play bridge, I say … “Hmm if Claudette was here … what would she do ?” (and then I would bid 4!!) *L*
    Hockey is on and we have enough for two teams. Yes, not everyone came back from last year. I think it is going well and some players have really improved their skills (as in Jane !!). We just had our clinic with JJ and Carla. (They are a great time and we look forward to seeing them each year!) Well, enjoy the sites, sounds and scenery.
    take care!

  2. keizerklan says:

    oopps … Rick!! Sorry I didn’t read the full entry before I hit send. I didn’t mean to leave you out! {hug}
    You sound like you are enjoying your time every where you go!
    Hey, don’t drop that Rolex … I hear they break easy (especially the ones bought from street vendors)
    You asked about borrowing a camera with a video when opening up the Tube at Christmas … well … we now own one! Mike’s anniversary camera came in well after our anniversary. It is a sweet camera that does have video on it. (I just need to know how to use it!!!) *LOL*
    We will try to take a video on Christmas morning when opening the tube up.
    Enjoy the visit with your mom! take care


  3. The Perps says:

    Once again you’re making my wife jealous. Apparently she was happier and more excited to be living in Malaysia and vacationing in Pukhet (Club Med) than presently living with her wonderful husband and children in Airdrie. Just for your info no snow in Calgary. A blustery 10 above today. I hope Vi really has a good time as I have never knew of her going on a vacation like this before. A quick CFL update. West semi-final has Sask going to BC and Winterpeg playing in Torona. Sorry Rick but the Esks failed to make the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row. Have fun.

  4. Rick says:

    Yes, Grandma Vi made it here just fine about nine hours ago. With a slightly harrowing journey (in her mind) and a few stories she landed in the sweltering sun and headed straight to the beach to order margaritas from the little speedo encased Cabana Boys.
    S’OK Ann, we need to “encourage” the other three to write much more often than they do anyways. I forgot all about that camera… Cool that it finally arrived, and you have about six weeks to learn how to use it!
    Darin, she’s welcome to stay with us anytime! You and the kids can sleep in Grandma Vi & Alex & Luke’s room, but we have a daybed for Shannon… Maybe she could just have a wee little break from your guy’es daily demands and the day-children? Only a few weeks??? Surely she’s earned it in your eyes? Surely you LOVE her enough?????!?!?!?? Too bad about the Eskies… Coolers (to hold beer and steaks for pickniks) in Australia are called Eskie’s for soem odd reason. No one could tell me why.

  5. Tim says:

    Thailland sounds awaesome so far, gang. Glad to hear Grandma Vi made it safe and sound. She must be thrilled to see you all. i look forward to the pictures of her whitewater rafting.

    After ratting out the Keizers for forgetting to bring the postcqards and other stuff, I sohuld now note that they dropped it by over the weekend. The kids and I had a great time reading Crikey! (which could the best name for a magazine EVER!).

    Loved the postcards, and Ian was over the moon at getting a letter from Luke. We put Ian’s Christmas present aside. Thanks for the funky tree ornament as well. I’ll hang it on the eucalyptus that grows next to our cabin. Or maybe those are spruces…whatever.

    Stay dafe, and stay away from southern Thailand. The Muslims there are growing restless after a century or so of oppression.

  6. auntie B says:

    Hello Rick! Claudette! Alex! Luke! Sounds like you’re having the adventure of a lifetime – all in a year!

    Hey! Hey! The princess of practicality arrived safe and I gather not sound (of mind, but lots of sound from mouth)! Gee, how unusual! Glad to hear that you arrived in one piece Vi … only to read that you may soon be in many pieces! Good luck … just let go & have fun (any martini’s handy?)
    I was so struck by Vi saying that she was “terrified” and would be in Vancouver for a 6 hour layover that I offered to drive down & keep her company. However, the paranoid, oops! I mean, the practical gal that she is, she wouldn’t leave the travellers area of the airport —- so I stayed home. Thank goodness! There was quite a wind storm in Van & here in the Okanagan! That must have been one of her stories!?
    Well, what a brave bunch you all are! Luke: do you REALLY miss Fort Smith all that much??? Alex: don’t worry, there’s a great horseback riding place right here in Kelowna! Rick & Claudette: are you there yet??
    Have fun everyone! You’re invited for dinner when you get here next year!

  7. bev.den says:

    I think the most amazing photo you can take of Vi would be one with her relaxing on the beach, or anywhere for that matter. I hope you guys can keep up to her, you will need a rest when she leaves.
    Did you know that the Roughriders have never won the cup when the N.D.P. party is in power (in SK). Will they are gone (N.D.P.) so we have(cross my fingers and toes) hope.

  8. Angela Turlione says:

    Hi Everyone! Glad to hear that Vi arrived safely. She was so worried about travelling alone…but I’m sure that didn’t last long. Vi, Did you meet anyone during your travels? Enjoy your days with Alex and Luke and we can’t wait to hear about your trip and view some great pictures!

  9. AJ says:

    I miss skating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’-(

  10. Florence says:

    November 15, 2007 by Florence.

    I’m glad to hear sister Vi got there (with just a couple of harrowing stories???. I sure hope she can be rested and fattened up (with 3 meals a day) in her 3 weeks stay. I’m glad to hear and see (pics) that all is well with the family and the only sickness is home sickness. The children will be spoilt by having Gramma Vi there. I am looking forward to seeing more pics. Will you all be staying in the cabanas on the beaches? Like to see sis sleeping in 1!!!! love to all
    Great Aunty Florence