Although I was extremely nervous (probably just the anticipation) I had a very uneventful flight. Everything happened exactly on schedule. I met a few people on the flights (I didn’t even chatter too much, LOL). Cathay Pacific is second to none – definitely the way to go. I thought Vancouver Airport was huge and it really is but Hong Kong’s is even larger. I actually didn’t leave the Security areas at either airport to make things easier for myself and I’m really glad I didn’t. I’m in Phuket and it is fabulous and from what I’ve heard the rest of Thailand is totally a magnificant place – can’t wait to see more of it.
Our hotel is pretty basic but just across the street from the grand Pacific Ocean and the water is fabulous as is the weather.
Hi to everyone and I’ll write again in a few of days after we get to our next town/hotel/or whatever???

2 Responses to “I’D LOVE TO LIVE IN THAILAND!!”

  1. bev.den says:

    Sounds like you have the travel bug!?!
    Glad to hear your flight went well, if you move down there,
    I will visit.

  2. aubreysmith says:

    thailand… we love thailand.
    the people there are so happy and always smiling, even in poverty.

    the islands. check out koh phang yang (sp?) and koh toa
    and the north… there is a place between pai and mae hong song called ‘the cave lodge’ run by an aussie guy. it is beautiful and the caving is safe and beautiful. do a trek from chaing mai if you can. laura did one for a week through the mountains near Burma hiking thru the Karen villages.

    anyway – if you see something called ‘no name’ on the menu, order it!!! it is very tasty!!!

    have some thai beer for us and the glass noodle salad. and a mango lassi.

    xo. Smith-Aubrey family.