Ella Etty Eather enjoys…

eating elephants from earth. That is a poem I made. Any ways :). We went elephant riding! It was lots of fun. Me grandma vi and Mom had to have one And dad and Luke got the other one. Ours was 26 years old!!!!! I can’t remember her (his?) name though. I’m glad we went to a conservation center, not a camp! We heard lots of bad things about the camps. We got to see a little show, then go for a ride, then we went to see the baby elephants. They we’re sooooooooooo cute! We got to feed the moms to,(we also got to feed the elelphants at the show, I forgot about that.) After seeing the babys we went to an elephant hospital. Between 2000 and 2004 there was approximatly 254 sick elephants there. We did a little shopping at the market then came home.

Also we just went for our second white water rafting rafting! I think I preferred the other time but this one was still fun. It is grandma Vi’s first time. Some how she always seemed to get splashed the most :). We just came from Cheing-Mei and now we are in Bangkok.
Nothing else has really happened. Bye bye!

2 Responses to “Ella Etty Eather enjoys…”

  1. bev.den says:

    I just read Auntie Debbie’s remark about Grandma putting up a tree for Pete in the house. Grandms probably didn’t know that she is supoose to do that in the winter. In fact they should set it up before she gets home. Hint, Hint.
    Hope you had fun rafting and didn’t lose Vi in the little currents.

  2. AJ says:

    We didn’t lose her. I’m gonna miss Christmas.