Missing home but Thailand’s great

Hi everybody Just Thought I’d Let you Know that I am missing home but thailand is Great all though It pretty COLD +35 and it ain’t geten warmer Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Another thing please don’t remind me of Christmas it makes me sad : (

4 Responses to “Missing home but Thailand’s great”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Hi Luke

    Do me a favour and bottle some of that Thailand heat in a bottle and mail it to us. I think we can all huddle around the bottle and enjoy the warmth you are having.

    Ah yes, it is chilly and if you came home right now … you would NOT like it one bit. You have been conditioned for the heat … and plunging back quickly into the COLD would probably send you into shivers for 8 solid days!!!

    Enjoy the warmth for me. (thanks!)


  2. keizerklan says:

    Hey … tell us your thoughts on the elephants (the ride, the show, etc.) This part looked very interesting and fun!

    Next, how did the white water rafting compare to the FIRST ride you went on? Was it more scary, fast? Did Grandma Vi enjoy her ride (or was she really scared like I would have been?)

    Looking forward to your feedback!

    Ann (again)

  3. mgd says:

    Hi, Rick, Claudette, Luke, and Alex

    Merry Christmas to you all from Doris and I.

    I met a young lady today at Bonzai who wore a hoodie with a Fort Smith logo. I asked her if she knew your family. She said yes and mentioned that Claudette played women’s hockey. She was not from FS, but from Edmonton. She only visits FS in the winter to play hockey. Unfortunately, I did not ask her name.

    Sorry, but it has taken me this long to log onto your website. I think of you often. Doris and I will sit down this weekend and browse through your Blog.

    Happy trails!

    mgd (Murray-Gawd-Damn!)

  4. Rick says:

    Mmmmmm, tell us more about this weird phenomena “cold” of which you speak Ann. We just LOVE! hearing about it… Actually, I talked to my friend Jim in China last week and he says we should be expecting about -5 to -10 (at night) while in China, so we will ahve to brace ourselves.
    Yes, I am WAY behind on blog posts, but am glad that I managed to get all recent pics posted the other day. I am catching up on blog posts now.
    Mr. Vincent! It’s great to hear friom you guys… I was just thinking about you two and wondered how things in the big city and second (or third?) year of married life was going. You have LOTS of reading to catch up on, don’t save it all for one weekend! You’ll get bored fast… We are having a great time though, and I am already thinking about how I can save more money to come back more frequently. The girl you mentioned is actually a skills coach (who does acting on the side too I think) who comes with another girl every year for a weekend working with Claudette’s team. Claudette is really missing hockey while we’re travelling… but we’re looking real forward to sharing a beer and visiting with Jim & Letty in only a couple of weeks.