Malaysia and Singapore had been like a direct time warp to the 70’s! The Bee-Gee’s were fresh in my mind every night before going to bed, and I heard Barry Manilou’s MANDY more times in that past week than all of my previous life combined I’m pretty sure. Even greats like Chicago and ELO were wearing thin those days… and I really LOVE both of them!

Southern Thailand was seemingly slightly more modern. The North of Thailand had a lot of 80’s pop stuff though. Very weird…. (since not all of it was actually “good” 80’s music).

In Laos at the hotel rest. for breakfast every morning they played instrumentals (mostly pan flute) of old rock/pop songs. Imagine my divine prowdness when Luke and Alex were constantly recognizing the songs, (though not always the artist). The best moment came when after only about four seconds (or ten notes) Alex blurted out the name of the newly playing song and immediately after announced that it was by the Beatles! Luke was only a second behind her. It was especially pleasing to see another tourist a few tables away cock his eyebrows, slightly impressed by the musical prowess of my darling children.

In the more populated (and later visited) areas of Laos we began to hear much more local flavor of music rather than imported old Western stuff. This was nice, but we still didn’t buy any since the disks were pretty high priced (about $4-$5) for bootleg copies. I brought our entire MP3 music collection along on one 2.5″ portable drive. So in Hong Kong the kids and I are looking forward to buying newer, fancier and larger MP3 players for an abundance of musical choices.

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  1. keizerklan says:

    If the three of you are buying new Mp3 players … what is Claudette getting?

    It is funny to know the musical tour of the countries. So the Western music front is enjoyed. I thought you would be getting nothing but local flavours of music.

    Love the update on pics. It is getting hard to see what are my favourites from your entire trip so far.

    We noticed the sand castles are the James’s legacy in which you have to build the biggest on the beach!! (Sort of similar to the Pine Lake beach at the Gautheir’s cabin).

    Well the count down to Christmas is on and do you see exploitation of the Christmas season (for tourists purposes only) where you are traveling? Or is it same ol’ .. same ol’?

    As usual, the big tree is lit up along with each telephone pole of specialty Christmas ornament lights and the big ol’ Santa sleigh has been busy this year (as usual). However, there is something exciting this year! Mrs. Claus has joined the nightly travels and is nice to see both Mr. and Mrs. C waving to all the pressed faces in the window! (I am the worst one in our house!!)
    For New Years, we are going to the Legion to celebrate the new year with Clyde and Harvey singing tunes. I think it will be just like a Deck Party … but only inside the Legion. Everyone is to bring an appetizer and their singing voices.

    As for hockey, we are gearing up for the Fort Simpson hockey tournament in January (18-20th) I think 14 women have signed up from the Fury team to go. I hope to take some pictures to show you. Believe it or not .. Simpson does NOT have their ice in yet!!! *poor ladies are waiting disparately!!)

    We recently got some more mail in for you guys .. I will sort and write you on email what is what, etc. Lots of advertisements of stuff .. which I have been tossing. Rev. Canada sent some info, but I will send this to you through the email. (Gotta love Rev. Canada! They never go away!)

    We have started the application processes for Michelle to attend college next year. She will be applying a few and hoping to get into one of her first choice. (we will keep you posted)

    Well friends, enjoy the travels. Just know you are all greatly missed. I cannot drive by your street without checking the driveway for your vehicle.

    Take care,


    Ann (The Good) 🙂

  2. Rick says:

    Sand castles indeed are our “fun projects” at home or abroad. I heavily abuse my back for a few hours moving volumous amounts of sand, and the kids slowly loose interest in that time and get to doing other activities, such that when the mound is ready for shaping, road building and tower constructing, they require additional encouragement to help them re-focus on our original monumental task of capturing the attention of all others walking by. While the attention has been great for the most part, (many tourists, Japanese & caucaisions alike, taking pictures by sunset in front of our castle) the kids lost a bit of steam when they saw a real artist on the beach in Phi Phi Don. He was using carefully calculated sand water mixtures to ensure propper carving consistancy, and he had an elaborate inventory of tools with which to do this carving. The best I could do was suggest that they watch him for awhile and learn some techniques. Guess we’ll see in India in a month or two…
    In Hong Kong today I needed to find an internet cafe in the neighborhood. The only thing everyone pointed me to was a starbucks. I took the Palm in (it has WIFI) and dutifully ordered a hot chocolate. Scrolling through and trying well over half of the 20 connections available, I only found one free one! And that one I couldn’t sign up for because the registration page wouldn’t load propperly to let me get a user name. When I was asking around no one spoke English. Not a word beyond “yes, no, toilette”! Yet the entire time I was there English songs were played with many people (customers AND staff) singing along to. This included Manfred Mann’s “Blinded by the Light”, the Butt Naked Babes singing Christmas songs, and all variety of other standard English worded Christmas caroles! Hmph! More on this perceived language barrier in a forthcoming “Hong Kong” post.