Figure Skating, The bestest sport in the world!!!!

I bet you guessed already, but if you didn’t I tell you. We got to go figure skating yesterday! First the bad parts;
-the ice was bad
-the skates weren’t, making it even harder to skate
-they weren’t the type of skate I’m used to, no ankle support
-the ice was melting
So all in all I couldn’t do much because of those factors. Pretty much skate forward, sorta a spread eagle, a drag and a cross cut every 20 mins or so.
Good parts;
-It was way fun!!!!!!
-I got some pratice
-It reminded me of home, which is equal to no homesickness whatsoever for about 3 months
-I was the only one who didn’t fall!
-I just had the funnest time for a while!
Thats all the goods I can think of currently.

Ok I exaggerated, Dad didn’t fall. I was the only one who didn’t deserve to fall. Luke and mom fell which disqualifies them and dad did a running jump onto then ice. Therefore I was the only one who didn’t deserve to fall. 🙂

Now a few days later I really gotta say….

Really miss you guys!!!!

Miss you alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “Figure Skating, The bestest sport in the world!!!!”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Good for you to skate in China! You certainly have something to brag about to the rest of the skating club.

    I am assuming the skating rink was an indoor one (just a guess on that part).

    As you can imagine, our ice is definitely hard and not melting! Not to worry …. you will be on blades next year and LOVING it! Keep up your blog writing … I truly enjoy it.


    Ann 🙂

  2. AJ says:

    It was indoor but it was still melting lots!