There’s no place like A home

While the trip we have taken so far (and will continue on) has been nothing short of spectacular, the toll of inanimate hotel rooms quickly begins to wear. They have ranged wildly from the very basic to rather deluxe, ($18-$280 per night). We have had some amazing exceptions on this trip of being invited to friends homes to stay for a few days. The first in Costa Rica at Maricela’s which we had paid for as part of our Spanish lesson’s. In Australia we met up with Robert & Leesa-Maree who graciously invited us to veg out in their spare room a few times for almost a week. Now in Beijing we stayed at Jim & Letty Gerber’s place a few days before heading to Shanghai. There we stayed at Gerber’s friends who were back home in North America for the holidays. This was simply wonderful to be able to buy some groceries and relax in a true home. Never mind that they had left their Christmas tree and decorations up all around the house. This was a wonderfully warm environment to spend our first Christmas away from home in and we really appreciated their hospitality. Especially since they had never met us and were just going off of Jim’s word. Jim and Letty’s apartment is great too, even more so now that He’s back and she’ll be joining us in a couple of days. All in all, there’s nothing quite like a big old couch to stretch out on a recuperate from a few days of travel and sightseeing!

Thanks Everyone!!!!


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