Temples of Beijing

The other day we toured the summer palace. It is where some of the old emperers (and empresses) would go for summer. It was a very nice llittle place. It sort of surronded a lake. Because it is winter the lake was frozen and on the lake there was some people folling around. There was lots of decorative buildings all along the grounds. I think my favorite one was the boat house (thats was I think it was called). It was a building that was shaped like boat, but it was on the lake and extended a bit. So it looked like a boat. We weren’t allowed to go in it though. After lots of touring I think I’ve decided China (popular places like where all the tourists are) are as bad as in Peru, when it comes to people trying to sell things to you. They just don’t take no for an answer! Its painfully anoying!! The only funny thing was when someone offer to be our tour guide for forrrbidden city, and we told him that Jim was our guide! It was very funny trying to convince him!
Yesterday we took a quick tour of forrbidden city. I don’t know much about the history but it was also a very nice place, and had a nice view of tienamin square. I can’t rem much now but this will be a fixxed.
Today we went to 2 temples. The first was the lama temple the second was called the temple of confushus (I was just guessing the spelling). It was really nice to walk around both of the temples. The second one was almost like a maze! It has a world record (guiness) because the really tall budda was made out of one tree. S’all for now
Miss you guys lots!!!

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