Amazing Acrobats!!!!!!

Last night we went to the Beijing acrobats, and they were positively absolutely amazing!!!!! I mean you could tell that they had all been training since the age of 2 and that pratice took up a lot o time in their lives, but it was so cool! First off they were doing some very hard stunts. they had a teeter totter set up an a ladder (it actually looked more like a diving board) and to guys would jump off the ladder and fling another guy up into the air, where they would do all do a flip or a double flip or something. One person was on 2 stilts and he had a pole so he wouldn’t fall, then the 2 guys jumped and he let go of the pole, did a flip in the air and landed it!!!! then the next guy came on on ONE stilt (they were tied to his feet, not a foot). The two guys jumped and he did a double flip and landed it!!!! The next act were some very very very flexible girls. They were amazing!!! It would be so hard to totally describe what they did so I’ll just tell you a little. There was one girl for this bit and she had a candle like thing in each hand, one on her foot and the last one she was balancing from a rod in her mouth! and she turned all around the table thing she was on. There was actually three girls total. Then in another part the first girl lay down on her belly then brought her feet up near her head. then the second girl lay down on the first one then brought her feet near her head. then the third girl did the same thing on the second. They all got on and smiled. the entire crowd was laughing and clapping like crazy (moreso clapping though). I think my favorite acrobatic feat was with the bicycles. somehow they actually got 13 girls on one bike!!! and once they did it was really cool because the girls on the outside edge put out they fluffy white fans so they looked like one giant fan, on a bike!!! My favorite not acrobatic act was this one guy who was in front of a made stage wall. You could clearly see a rip in the wall. but when he got near one of those rips he would start waving his fan around and you couldn’t even see the transition, but every time he got close to one of those rips his out fit would change color! thats all I really totally remember about the show that I could say in great detail. See you later!!

2 Responses to “Amazing Acrobats!!!!!!”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Wow sounds like you have been doing some touring! I bet the acrobats would have been neat to see! (I was thinking something like Cirque de Soleil?!)

    Glad to see some entries on the blog. This way I don’t have to get panicky that you are M.I.A. … or something!!

    Sorry to have missed your call the other day. Michelle said you called.

    Take care, I am off to hockey practice!!! *wahoo!!*


  2. Luke says:

    Ann, it was probably better than Cirque de Soleil and for less money at $25 Cirque de Soleil is $200.