Great Wall

The great wall was absolutely amazing! You can go pretty much any where! Time gos by really fast. We decided we were gonna go to the place were the gondola comes up (it was closed so we had to up by the ski lift). We got up reeeeaaally early and caught the sun rise. We were also the first ones on the wall. It was just amazing! We set a goal (the gondola place) And we thought it was impossible, but we did it really easily. It was kinda funny, because we were coming back and Luke said “Hey look its a snack shop!” then dad asked if it had a big M and golden arches, and Luke said no but then I said “ does it have a big L for liar liar pants on fire theres no snack shop!?” In the end we found out he wasn’t lying (I was confounded)! I highly recommend going there now!!!

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