The Incredible Beijing Acrobats

Last night we saw a fantastic acrobat show. the first thing that happened was some men on a titer tater and a high board two men jumped off the high board and a man on one stilt ( both feet were tied to the pole) was on the other side he did a double flip in the air ( WOW ) they did this a few time,s but they did’t do it with a stilt all the time.Next three girls came out and started doing very difficult gymnastics you could not do it inless you practiced for 11 years or be born with it. Next we saw a man standing on a chair with eight bowl,s on his head. under the chair there were sholder pade,s beside the sholder pade,s were two girl,s .under the sholder pade,s was another man under the man was a board under the board was a wheal under the wheal was a table under the table was the floor. After that act some Girls were doing some tricks on biciyle,s the part that was really cool was they got 14 Girls on one Bike.

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  1. thomas.ryde says:

    It sounds cool