School days

Yesterday I went to school (again but this time it was way funner!)!! Jim got us some teacher friends and we got to stay for the day. I was in grade 8 and Luke did grade five. My teacher got me a buddy for the day, Her name is Sabel (I think it might actually be Isabel but every one was calling her Sabel. We did computers, languages (Chinese French and 2 other ones I think), Band, LA and I think Math (I can’t remember!). My favorite subject was in band. In every other class I has to sit and read. but in band I got to fiddle around with the drums and the guitar and the piano. It was fun. The class split off into there bands and practiced the song they each made up. It was the most fun I had had at school for a while( considering the fact that I HAVEN’T been at school for a while.). S’all for now! miss you guys (and school) lots!!!!

One Response to “School days”

  1. Leesa-Maree says:

    it all sounds good! Emile loves hearing about your adventures and seeing your pics. In a strange coincidence Emile wanted to buy a book about the last Emperor – the one that lived in the Forbidden City – about the time that you were there (she had no idea that you were there)! Spooky! Keep having fun… I am waiting for you to start a pillow fight with me.
    lol Leesa