Incredable India!

We are now officailly in India! We actually only got here last night and we’ve only taken a little walk just this morning, but, we are here! We are in the budget end of town so we don’t really know what to compare but so far I like where we are! Traffic is crazy though!!! All you can hear is honking horns! Worst of all traffic is bad pretty much 24 hours! I think our taxi driver said something about big trucks only being allowed to go on the roads at night. That reduces traffic a bit. But it is still very crazy. I’m VERY excited because we are nearing my destination choice, The TAj Mahal. NOw that I have my own camera we will have triple the pictures!!! S’all for now!!

2 Responses to “Incredable India!”

  1. Rick says:

    Sadly Alex, it will still only be double the pictures since our Kodak camera died back around Singapore somewhere, and we haven’t bothered to replace it. Because it died was the main reason that Mom let you buy your own. Speaking of which though, it’s not really yours yet until you pay us!!! When are you going to sign in to online banking and start catching up???
    PS to everyone else: to give Alex some credit, she has composed a spreadsheet on the laptop starting to itemize everything that she has to pay back. Such a good girl!

  2. Leesa-Maree says:

    you are a good girl and spreadsheets are an awesome way to be organised! The Taj Mahal will be awesome… I look forward to reading your comments about it!
    lol your pillow fighting buddy