Incredable India! (cont)

Today we did a little half day o touring. We saw the Red fort, the lotus temple and some parlamint buildings. We spent most of our time at the red fort though. It was very cautious. They did the uuh thing were they feel alover your body to make sure you you don’t have a bomb or something. It’s my first time, and hopefully last! There were two seperate lines for boys and girls. All the boys were sniggering as the girls went through. It was veeerrrry embarressing! The lotus temple was absolutly breathtaking. We went by a few parlamint buildings but they were all boring except for one which had REAL gold on the roof.
S’all for now, miss you guys!!!!Alex

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  1. AJ says:

    To all my Friends and Family in Canada and Australia…
    Miss you guys!!!!